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Bought S8 from Amazon seller. Is it dodgy?

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I've just taken delivery of a 'new' S8. Bought via Amazon from  the 3rd party seller. It was down as new but I opened my packaged to see the s8 box a little bashed up, no polythene wrapping. There's a tamper sticker in tact but I know this could easily be fake. The inner box is a different card stock to the inner sleeve- box is slightly silky and more navy than black. Biggest red flag is I searched the imei printed on box label and the warranty expires in April 2019. I haven't opened the box as wanted to check what people here think. My gut is to leave the sticker in tact and return with a complaint that the phone isn't new. Does it sound dodgy? I expected brand new as was browsing refurbished/used and clicked Amazon link to look at the sellers of 'new' options. Thanks for any input.



Hey @JoeyElle 


That's a weird one. 

Drop me a PM with the Serial Number and IMEI and I'll check it on my system. 



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thanks for looking into it. I've pm'd you.
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Go with your gut feeling @JoeyElle 


Look at other reviews on that sellers page which may give you some further insight too.



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