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Bluetooth Pairing Issue

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I have a 2006 BMW. When trying to pair my New Samsung S8+ the car has acknowledged that the pairing is successful but then the device is dripped from both sides. This was not previously an issue with my S6 edge and since this has become an issue I have tried pairing again with my work device (S6) of which was successful. 


Hey @DanB,


Can you make sure that both the pairing system in the BMW and your phone are up to date? Does your S8+ successfully connect to other devices via Bluetooth? 

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I have this same issue with my S8 in my 2006 BMW 3 series. Goes through the pairing process and the car says successfully connected but the phone never connects. Samsung support suggested a soft reset then a factory reset but this made no difference. BMW have no solution either as i spent an hour at the garage with a BMW tech who couldn't help

Same sh*t. I have a problem with my BMW 2007 5series, no any resets, updates, of the phone and car's software didn't help. IPhone 7plus works fine, HTC 10 works fine, IPhone 6s works fine but S8+ doesn't. So definitely problem with s8 software or supported profiles. No answers from Samsung at all. BMW said that it will be not possible to change CCC multimedia Bluetooth profile to support newer devices, what obviously made a sense cos hardware outdated.
Hi is there a planned update to fix this issue? As this is not something I would expect with a new Samsung device.

Hi all.


The R&D folks at Samsung have been looking into this.


It's highly likely that this issue is happening due to the S8 range using Bluetooth 5.0 rather than the older Bluetooth 4.2.


Appreciate the inconvenience here, but with 5.0 set to become the standard for new devices, there aren't any plans to revert to an older version for the S8 - so the onus will be on the other device manufacturers to update to 5.0 as soon as they can.


Meanwhile, a possible solution is to completely disconnect or power off any previously connected devices from the car and then try a new connection/search for the S8.

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I have a UK 2013 Model Honda Civic EX GT. BT worked fine with my note 4 but now upgraded to S8+.

When S8 Plus is scanning it doesn't even see my car. Are we now saying I have to change my card for it to work with BT 5.0 as I assume this isn't a thing you can upgrade with a FW update.

Hi @Kosch.


Suspect it'll vary depending on the manufacturer, model and the hardware and software you've already got, so it's best to speak to your car's manufacturer as to what their plans are for upgrading their BT in your case.

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This is quite disappointing news that Samsung will not be doing anything to allow the S8 to be backwardly compatible.


I have been posting on the US support forum (  for quite a while about this exact same issue with the moderator there going on about software updates that are imminently going to be deployed that should fix the Bluetooth issues.


I finally find this UK support forum and you say that Bluetooth 5 is the new standard so it’s up to my car manufacturer to update the car to fix the issue.


This is very poor customer support from Samsung.


I have paid a lot of money for the S8 and it can’t connect to my car! my old Galaxy S5 connects just fine and my really old HTC Desire connects fine as well!


I have a 2006 BMW E90 335i and I know the car can see the S8 and the S8 can see the car since they almost pair but fail at the last hand shake:


I select pair device in the car which then allows the S8 to see the car.


I click on the cars name in the list of available Bluetooth devices on the S8.


The S8 asks me to enter a pin so I enter 0000 and press OK.


As soon as I press OK on the S8 the screen in the car changes asking me to verify the pin I just typed in.


I enter the same pin into the car and press OK .


The screen in the car changes to say confirming passkey...


It then changes to pairing device and then a second later I can see on the S8 that it’s stopped talking to the car and the pairing never completes.


The screen in the car eventually, after about a minute, goes back to the screen that has the pair device option.


I have already spoken to BMW about this and they say that the last update for the Bluetooth device in my car will not upgrade the version of Bluetooth to 5 and as the car and the hardware in the car is no longer produced for the newer BMWs it will not be upgraded in the future to Bluetooth V5.  


I believe that Samsung need to address this issue as I have spent a lot of money on their product and I don’t want to hear that they can’t be bothered to fix the issue and it’s up to another company, in my case BMW, to fix it.


You created the phone so you fix the issue.


I totally agree with all the above points. People cant afford to change their cars frequently enough to ensure that they have the latest BT standard and we all know how slow car manufacturers are at doing anything that wont make them any money.


In my case I would have seriously thought a car from 2013 (stream music, hands free etc) would still be compatible with a phone from 2017 as the BT 4.x standard cant have changed that much to want to lock it out.


I would have also assumed that if BT5 is a new standard it cant just be fixed with a firmware upgrade if the cars transceiver physically doesnt support it. The only way to support it is to have the handset ensure it can be backwards compatible with an older version via protocol downgrade?


I really would have expected more from Samsung. This is the sort of frustrating move that Apple or some other company would pull.

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