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Bluetooth keyboards don't work with Galaxy S5 - fix soon?


I have a Galaxy S5 - great phone except it won't work with any Bluetooth keyboard that I've tried.  They pair to Apple iPads, a Galaxy Tablet and my desktop PC but not to the S5.

A quick web search indicates that I'm not the only person with this problem.  Are there any Samsung engineers on these forums?  I'll happy get some diags to help you diagnose the issue (I'm a software engineer).
Or can anyone suggest a solution?  Tried the usual "clear cache etc" and since the Bluetooth devices work with other systems, it's got to be the S5's fault 😞 .
Paul DS.


over the weekend I enabled HCI debugging and looked at the results.  The Samsung S5 is happy with the keyboard, accepts key strokes - and then ignores them!  Not found any difference between the HCI flows on this device and an older Samsung tablet with which the same keyboard works perfectly.

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