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Bluetooth fix in uk?


When is the Bluetooth fix rolling out in the UK? 


Hi @Andyk.

Which Bluetooth fix are you referring to? 

Could you give us a little more info on the issues you're experiencing, the device you have and the software version? 


So Samsung s8. Latest software however had no Bluetooth update that I can see was released in uae to fix connection and skip issues when streaming Bluetooth to various devices. 


Also it just won't connect to my top of the range pioneer am whereas my Sony z5 connects no problem. 


I can see lots of users having similar issues be it car, speaker or other device. 


Just want to know when the UK fix will be released. 


Hi @Andyk! We got your message from our colleagues that you are experiencing difficulties with finding your questions on Samsung Community? Can you tell me a little more about this please? We have also asked our product specialists to look into your query and as soon as they respond we'll be touch.:robothappy:



Hi! Our colleagues have been in touch regarding this and would like to know the following:


  1. What is the full model code of your stereo?
  2. Have you already been in touch with Pioneer and updated your stereo to the latest firmware version? If not, I'd recommend doing so and also finding out if it is compatible with the Galaxy S8/Android Nougat.
  3. Have you checked if you need to install the manufacture's application onto the phone to make it work?


Please get back to us as soon as you can! :smileyhappy:


So my Sony z5 on the same version of Android works fine streaming via Bluetooth. 


My s8 stutters on this, my car Bluetooth and my Sony portable Bluetooth speaker. 


The update has been released in the UAE. At around 600mb. 


There's loads of websites saying the update is being released in the UK but back in June.


Look at all the posts around it. 


I just want a straight answer from Samsung direct please. 

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