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Blackberry has died AGAIN - if Samsung made a smartphone with a physical keyboard would it sell?

(Topic created on: 08-02-2020 07:56 PM)
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The Samsung S8's had a physical keyboard that clipped on, and many people liked the actual keyboard for texting/emailing - but had problems with it being a clip-on because of connectivity gremlins.

Blackberry handsets have been available for those who were determined to seek them out, but most Stores did not advertise them or even display them.

There was no big advertising push either, so many people who might prefer a physical keyboard did not even know any were available.

Now TCL has announced they no longer have a license to continue making Blackberry handsets it looks like people who dislike touchscreen keyboards are no longer being catered for.

So, if Samsung can make a clip-on keyboard for the S8, why can't they make a phone with an actual keyboard?

If they were to build some, advertise the heck out of them and give them a big publicity push - would enough people buy one to make it worth Samsung's while?

Blackberry users are no longer millions in number but maybe there are enough to persuade Samsung to make an alternative?

And maybe if a keyboard phone was given a push it would be on trend again.


Would anyone buy a Samsung with a physical keyboard if thy made one?




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I understand what your saying @AllGoneCrazy 


My thoughts on this are that owners want as much 'real estate' on their phone i.e more display as they use their phones more for media consumption i.e watching YouTube and playing games and using them to create and edit various business work etc nowadays.


A physical keyboard could take some of that up and or make the phones even bigger thus taking those models out of question for consumers.


Personally I prefer a keyboard which pops up when I need it and disappears when i don't.


When i had a phone with physical keyboard i was also always trying to clean the dust etc that invariably gets between the physical keys.  :winking-face:


All that said market trend can change so who knows.


Typically if one manufacturer brings out such a phone and it creates enough revenue then the other manufacturers have a tendency to take notice and possibly do something themselves.


You could always send your feedback direct to Samsung using your Samsung Members App.



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When you say physical keyboard 1st phone will pop on your mind is BlackBerry 


I have 2 phones i use samsung and a BlackBerry


If samsung will make phone with physical keyboard under BlackBerry name i definitely will buy one.. 


Before nokia and Samsung made a phone like a BlackBerry i didn't buy it.. hahaha when you say physical keyboard its BlackBerry..