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Bixby weather F to C

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Anyone know how to charge the weather results from F to C when asking Bixby the weather?


Hi Everyone, unfortunately I still experiencing the same issue showing temperature in Farenhite instead of Celsius on my note9 8Ram version. For the record I am from London.


I would imagine your phone in the UK would be the same as here in Australia. Originally Bixby only gave Fahrenheit and refused to provide Celsius, despite my trying everything I could think of. Then one day, without my doing anything, began reporting in Celsius. I can only suggest you talk to the staff at a Samsung shop. I suspect one of your settings thinks you want Fahrenheit. 


I don't know if anyone had posted it... Just do a new quick command... What's the wheater and what do bixby do add a new command and make the one with celsius... It works for me...


Now see if the Americans would only decide to stop being a thorn in the whole world's ***** and go to the metric system like every other modern day country has no one would have this issue, having to deal with at least you know how the rest of us feel that it's a pain in the ass. Why not tell your president to modernize your scales of measurement to come with the times not build a wall that spans the Mexican border. 



I think you have 't got out of the well, you are talking like frogs who has seen only the well. 

Common India is not US in one part of the country it has -56°c and at the same time in southern part We have 50°c tempreatemp. We are not the frogs in a single well who has seen only cold weather and nebe seen hot weather, in India We have majorly 6 weathers and each has very different feel than other our temperature doesn't fluctuate 4-5 degrees, here the difference is more then 20 so we use degree centigrade or celcius. But for the frogs it's Fahrenheit beacuse they don't have luck to taste all kind of weather in their entire life untill and unless they visit in another country. 

So degree celcius is for those country who sees all kind of weather provided by the nature. 



I fixed my problem by changing the region of my watch, which was actually a simple procedure that required no special flashing or anything like that. I'm guessing if I link to it directly my post will be removed, but you can find the procedure on the XDA forums.


Simply change bixby's voice from US to UK. (Or vice verse to default to F)

Problem solved.


Simply change bixby's voice settings from US to UK.

Mine was default as US voice Stephanie which gave me F temp. I changed it to UK voice Amy and now gives C temp by default.

You're welcome.


It makes bixby useless for me. The google assistant has no issues with using the metric system for weather or anything elseScreenshot_20190131-182159_Bixby Voice.jpg

So much for s


Yeah it's strange someone has no issues but I have the same as you do. Even the Samsung engineer didn't help me when tried to do through the screen connection to my device.


After the recent update to Android Pie Samsung added new languages including the English UK with voices I dont really like but when you switch it to English UK the weatcher shows in metrics.


I would still prefer to select the the imperial or metric system manually in Bixby. 

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