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Bixby weather F to C

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Anyone know how to charge the weather results from F to C when asking Bixby the weather?


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Just change Bixby language from English US to English UK and it changes all the metrics.


IMHO samsung have chosen a strange way to determine metrics preferences by language, but it doesn't seem they're going to change it

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I do this by asking specifically for the weather in centigrade or Fahrenheit. 

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I doubt that you can change bixby to show centigrade temperatures. I have unsuccessfully tried everything that I can think of. The weather info comes from the weather channel. Bixby will pass you there and you can change your weather channel preferences to centigrade. But bixby ignores your choice and reverts back to Fahrenheit. 


I agree with your last statement and I can say the exaclty happens when using the smartwatch Gear S3 with S voice. I have on the phone setup everything possible to C, as well as at the smartphone, but as soon as I use S voice to request weather forcast, I get the results on F...

Just updated to



Software version  R760XXU2CQK3

Security Status  TZPF_SM-R760_3.0_0001


and nope, the bug is still there. Using weather though S-voice, only brings updates on imperial units and not the set units (metrics) on the watch neither the phone.


I'm having the same problem except I live in the US and my temp is reading in Celsius.

I have the same issue. But with mmine, I want to change it from C to F. I am in the US. I too have tried to change weather channel settings but it does not update.  If anyone figures it out let me know. I am using the Galaxy note 8 international version.

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the bixby in note9 is dumb if i compare it with note8.
There are many things including voice accuracy which note8 bixby does better. Note9 bixby is dumb like hell. no option to change F-C

That's terrible Samsung, you in force a dedicated bixby button to steer us away from google voice yet bixby is plagued with problems, I'm on the latest device you offer the Note 9 yet bixby has problems recognising my voice, I can't even set using C over F for bixby weather request and really funny the opposite problem exists in the US, please fix some of these simple problems and offer more voice training for bixby voice, google voice isn't perfect but much better better experience too use or honestly just let us map the bixby button too what ever app we want, I've spent a lot of money on my newest greatest high qaulity Note 9 I think we deserve bixby qaulity well all apps provided for the Note 9 to match this high quality 

Just ask: whats the weather in Celsius and she will tell you
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