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Bixby Voice S8

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Can anyone on here advise of a realistic date that Bixby voice control will be launched in the UK for the S8? I've had the handset since the end of April when it first came on to the market... I must admit, I was sorely disappointed to learn that one of the main features in promotion of the handset was, and still isn't available in the UK... I love the handset but a voice assistant would be greatly beneficial. Don't get me wrong, 'ok google' is helpful but I'm filling my handset up with Google apps to fulfil my needs when my built in Samsung apps lay dormant.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm now bored of the wait.

Many Thanks,


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Superuser I

Right now I'm using Google Assistant on my sim free s8 bought directly from Samsung in the U.K @Sarahbb9


Right now the Voice Command feature is available in the States.


Samsung won't typically comment on 'If and when' updates are pushed out.

Advice is to check your phones software update section in settings. 


Some timeframes for updates are controlled by the Network that supplied the Samsung phone as they require to test any new firmware so it does not clash with their features etc, and then sign it off for Samsung to send it out in waves. 

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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Definitely agree. We paid 100% of price but didn't get all for what we had paid.  I think that's fraud. 

I think we should make a claim for this if you pay for something that is not supplied you should be able to return the item
It's out now
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