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Bixby Voice not working

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Can anyone tell me when the Bixby voice will be working in the U.K.

Still doesn't work .
So what happened with this global launch ? It's 2019 and it's still not working , it rediculous that Google can recognise my voice but Bixby can't .
They build great phones but they have no idea on customer service....and if you live in the UK they totally screw you over with inflated prices and none of the extras thrown in.....I've been with Samsung for years and loyalty means nothing to them....2019 means time to look at alternatives

They would start answering the UK customers if their sales started dropping but as long as people are parting with their hard earned cash for sub standard apps and software and false advertising then why would they want to talk to it's UK customers base ? All they want is your money and as long as they are getting it they couldn't give a flying fook about us .

I'm still trying to get mine to work , been trying for long enough to get it work on my S8+ now really pissed off trying to get it to work on my Note 9 .
Yeah I decided not to upgrade from my S8plus to the S9 or Note due to the terrible customer money is going elsewhere
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