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BixBy after official Android Pie update

(Topic created on: 23-02-2019 05:56 PM)
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Good evening,

Yesterday I received the official Android Pie update on my german Galaxy S8. Although Samsung is always keeping on changing the way users used to use their phones in a manner that irritates, like disabling the full screen mode, I do like the new design of the One UI.

Nevertheless BixBy is very, yet very annoying! Although I never use it, after the update the screen keeps on switsching on and displays an Info on the screen, that BixBy voice is still not registered! Although I deleted all cache and data of all BixBy apps, it still keeps on showing this message!

I therefore decided to activate BixBy hoping to get rid of the message. Doing so, BixBy voice now keeps on activating the screen and listens to the surrounding, although I say nothing, and even if I say any thing it listens to it and performs an action!

Also the BixBy button is not working, even when I clear all app caches and data! Neither can I remap the button, because it is simply not working! Now right a way as I am writing this message and my phone is locked to the lock screen, the screen got activated and show me, that I have to register BixBy voice!

That is extremely, extremely annoying! I do not simply want to use apps like Package Disabler! I JUST DO NOT LIKE BIXBY!

Is there a way to fix this? Or is this a software bug in the update??