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automatic picture size reduction when sending pictures by email

(Topic created on: 23/06/19 01:35)
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I have up to now loved the S6 and S6 Plus  and have just purchased a Samsung S8 plus as a natural upgrade but am regreting it deeply.


I run a business and need to send lots of pictures by email to partners whilst on site surveys,  Not a problem previously with the S6 where the auto option to reduce mp size was standard.  Most client email systems are set up for a max megapixal receipt and a major issue which was overcome by the S6 option to reduce file size.


This facility has been removed from the S8 Plus and you now have to download third party apps to do the job.  I have tried a few and they are ackward and have a lot of issues attached to them.


is there any way to get this Samsung function back onto the S8?  If not I will have to get rid of it and get the Iphone 7 plus which has retained the full size reduction capability which is intuitive and simple to use.  Love the S8 plus phone but hate the revised software.

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My s8 will not allow me to reduce the picture size for emails