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Autocorrect Punctuation | Galaxy S8 | Autocorrect removes closing Quote Mark

(Topic created on: 26-08-2017 11:06 AM)
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Good day,

This question relates to the Samsung Keyboard (on screen) on the Samsung Galaxy S8, specifically regarding punctuation in autocorrect. Device Information will be at the bottom. The question is split into Summary, Background, Issue and Question.



Autocorrect removes the closing quote mark when quoting something without a period/full stop within the quote

Typed -> Auto correct replaced

"input"  ->  "input    (Normal mid-sentence quoting)

"input".  -> "input.   (Common British style end of sentence)

"input."  -> "input."  (American style, works)


There are no settings to fix this, and after having quoted many snippets autocorrect still hasn't "learnt". The issue occurs with both double quote mark " as well as single/inverted comma '


Whilst testing, I also found occasional issues with American styled quotes where autocorrect forces the quoted text to be spaced from the opening quote mark, but this isn't covered in my question.



I find autocorrect very useful. I tend to quote a lot and so use quotation marks. When typing a typical quote, I press " and then type, and then press " again.

When quoting short snippets it's uncommon to use a period/full stop after the quoted word, and in British English commonly a period goes *after* the closing quote mark:

"extreme". OR

"many strange things" had been occurring.



When typing as described above, autocorrect ignores the first " and begins underlining with the text that is typed after it:




However, when adding the closing ", this happens:


The second quote mark IS noticed by autocorrect. Pressing the space key at this point causes autocorrect to replace what was typed with:


(no longer underlined because it's not currently being typed).


Autocorrect removes the closing quote mark from what has been typed. The two ways to deal with this are:

i. Backspace to the end of the word and type a new quote mark without text after it.

ii. Tap the autocorrect 'options'; one of the options always contains the quote mark at the end of the word.


Neither of these choices are very good. They both require you to stop typing either to backspace or to tap the correct choice. In the case of ii. it's not quick because depending on whether the Prev. and Next. buttons are shown or not will change which position the correct option is located. If typing quickly, a disappearing quote mark is not noticed until halfway through the next word, if at all, so you have to remove words you've already typed or try to make the cursor go back to that point (which it oft refuses to do).


There are no settings options to relieve this issue. With the amount that I have to use quote marks in my daily life this issue affects me constantly. I can't just turn autocorrect off because it's pretty much mandatory if you want to be able to type on a smartphone at anything approaching a reasonable speed.


This is not an issue when using American English style quotes, where a period goes within a quote instead of after it, but still affects American English if no period is used, such as when quoting "words within a sentence.


The same issue applies when using single mark/inverted comma '



He tested the problem "day and night and found the solution.

Should be:

He tested the problem "day and night" and found the solution.

But if the problem isn't noticed until later, how can I be sure it wasn't meant to be:

He tested the problem "day and night and found the solution".


Worth noting is that this issue doesn't occur with parentheses/brackets:


In fact, when typing it the autocorrect underlining mechanic shows, at each stage:



Even if autocorrect would normally replace the word (such as "crr" replaced with "card") it instead doesn't replace it when a closing bracket is used, and autocorrect doesn't underline the close bracket or do anything it normally does to quote marks. Something similar to how parentheses are handled would be excellent for quote marks.



Is there a setting that I am missing somewhere that would allow me to be able to use autocorrect but not have this issue anymore? If not, how do we get Samsung to fix this issue? It would be great to have a settings menu that says "British English Punctuation" in autocorrect, or "Treat quote marks like parentheses".



Thank you for reading my question. I hope that someone has an answer, or that someone can tell me how to submit this issue to Samsung directly. Sorry for the length, I hope splitting it into sections made it easier to read.


Device Information:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Android Version 7.0

Samsung Experience 8.1

Provider: Vodafone UK

All software is automatically updated through Google play, all provider updates are completed immediately and the specific Samsung Apps are checked every few days for updates.


To my understanding, Samsung should be able to update their keyboard without having to go directly to providers.


If any more device information is required, please ask.


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I never found the default keyboard very good so I have always used SwiftKey... Definitely worth a try

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I never found the default keyboard very good so I have always used SwiftKey... Definitely worth a try
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Since there have been no other replies, I'll close it and give Swift key a try. Thanks Andrew!