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Auto rotate option missing

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Auto rotate bottom missing from pull down options for s8.... help 



Where I can find the "Portrait" button? 


You can't.... the button has been removed.


That's not right. I also had this problem and the button magically reappeared after the June 2019 security patch


I figured out the portrait/auto rortate situation(I agree, the fact that there's no icon named "auto rotate" is an outrage), but the problem I have now is the @$%! screen is still rotating even with the auto rotate turned off!  Wtf do I do about that?


Any resolution?

Nops... Noy available..... in S9plus

Instead of Auto rotate option in menu bar, soft button in bottom right is irritating me....
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My auto rotate went missing, here's what I used- pull down the menu, to expand the full grid pulldown again, click the three dots, select button order and my auto rotate somehow had been unselected, so I brought back in by dragging it to the Lower half

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The below worked for me, hope it works for you too:


- Drag down from top of screen twice to see a grid if icons.

- Top right of grid there is a symbol with three dots onto of each other. Click this. 

- Select 'button order'

-Auto rotate was one of the options above the grid that I could drag down. 


I will not comment on how pointlessly awkward this insertion of a basic feature was :smiling-face:



I cannot tell you how much time you've saved me!!!

I was literally on the verge of tears thinking I had gotten (yet another) faulty galaxy product (the last ones bluetooth never worked)

I can't thank you enough for including how to add this feature back if some, like me, removed the feature from our shade because we never figured we would need it and didnt think to make it available before trading in phones.


It would have been nice if syncing with the new phone included all of the preferences I had on my old phone but I suppose that would have been too easy.

Nevertheless thank you again!

You're a sanity saver!


Did anyone else notice the bottom Bar, when open, also displays a small ROTATE icon for about 3 seconds?
OMG! Thank you!
Yes, changing "(screen) Rotate" was ignorant, since that's the common terminology...

Now if I can just get the "icon frames" turned back Off!
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