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Auto rotate option missing

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Auto rotate bottom missing from pull down options for s8.... help 



OK, i've actually found out this is a feature...

If your phone is set yo portrait mode and you want to rotate the screen, you'll notice a small icon appear next to the home key when you turn the phone - hit this and the screen rotates. turn the phone back and the icon reappears - hit it to rotate the screen.

This is incredibly useful for me who gets frustrated when some apps rotate and i don't want them to (yes, i know there are utilities to l;ock individual apps, but i've never found one up to my required standards :winking-face:)

I found this info on the Digital Trends webite.


This helped me figure it out!

Auto-rotate totally dissappeared from my shade. It wasn't renamed Panel or Landscape, there was simply one less item on the shade.

Anyway, I went to settings and searched for "rotate". This took me to Accessability.  I scrolled down and found Auto-rotate screen and turned it on. Bingo! Auto-rotate is back on my shade!

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1. Access the Quick Menu by dragging down from the top of the screen.


2. Look for PORTRAIT button and toggle it on and off.


3. If there is no PORTRAIT button, swipe left and right to cinduct a further search.


4. If there really is no PORTRAIT button, click on the "three vertical dots" icon in the top right of the Quick Settings menu. It is beside the cog. It will only be available if Quick Menu is fully extended from the top of thr screen - open it right up.




6. Add PORTRAIT icon by dragging it from the bottom into the Quick Settings menu.


7. Repeat step 1 above.


Thanks very much. It's been driving me nuts!!!

You can't feel silly if it's genuinely not there. It's not hidden. It's not there


You've got to be kidding me. They hid the icon from top quick access bar without warning to force you to use the icon on the lower menu bar. Problem is, that feature does not work on all apps like my Sky TV app.  The only clue was in the three dots that had a notification buble. The terms 'rotate' 'auto rotate' 'portrait' does not yeild any search results, either.




Thanks a lot!

I LOVE YOU!!! Ive been struggling with this for so long and all suggestions where the same slide down and touch auto rotate...BUT IT WASNT THERE. You deserve a beer my friend!


You are a super hero


What if the option is not there? Either when you extend the quick menu or or when you swipe right. 


It seems to me that that was the experience of many people writing in about this issue.  Therefore whomever marked this topic as solved (probably a Samsung rep) is playjng fast and loose. The post I am replying to is not  solution.  Though there is one.

I my case, I solved the issue by typing in the problem to the Samsung Members app following the support links and allowing the UI to navigats to the solution in settings.

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