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Auto rotate option missing

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Auto rotate bottom missing from pull down options for s8.... help 



I'm still stuck with NO AUTO ROTATE or Portrait buttons... Samsung... You are really disappointing a lot of customers... Be very careful or you'll lose even more... 😕

I don't have an optimize setting in Samsung Members app, just Settings. Is it located somewhere else?


@RichR wrote:

I don't have an optimize setting in Samsung Members app, just Settings. Is it located somewhere else?

On mine I have to go into the app, then near the top on the right I get a settings icon. If I click on that the app brings up a choice of only 4 options. The bottom right one is optimise settings. 


What do you get if you click on the settings icon in the Samsung Members app?


Outdated "solution". Option no longer available with Pie update


Yes, I got it. Thanks!


Ok, what is the solution for the Pie update?


Odd that it's not there for some folks - even on Pie.


Fully pulling down the Notification panel/shade on an unlocked UK S10+ running Pie/One UI that we've got in the office:


S10 plus_portrait.jpg


Tapping that 'Portrait' icon:


S10 plus_auto rotate.jpg


Software info of that particular S10+:


S10 Plus_software info.jpg


(My hands suck at taking screenshots today BTW.)


Interested in seeing if there's any common factors for those of you who don't have this in their device's Notification area, e.g. which country you're located in; which device you're using; whether it's unlocked/locked to a specific network; software version and software info.

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I am in USA. S8+ locked T-MobileScreenshot_20190625-103730_Settings.jpg



I am getting the portrait option from   the Notification panel on a new S10,obviously an issue for some though.My software version here just for comparison.





As far as the Optmisation from the Members app shows up on mine ok, will include screenshot with personal details obscured.





Unbelievable, thank you for pointing that out because like an ***** I never played with that and if I only would have figured it out on my own...
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