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Android 10 Q - Galaxy Note 8


Despite this subject is still in development. There are some websites listing the Samsung Phones that will be compatible with Android 10 Q, which will probably arrive at autumn 2019. The Galaxy Note 8, is still one powerfull phone, surely capable of running Android 10 without a problem, but it's still not yet on the lists. 

I would like to know if Samsung has plans to include the Note 8 to be able to run Android 10, and if not, what would be the reason to not include it.

Here is a list that you can find on some websites...


Galaxy Fold
Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+
Galaxy S9/S9+
Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy A9 (2018)
Galaxy A7 (2018)
Galaxy A6 (2018)/A6+ (2018)
Galaxy A80
Galaxy A70
Galaxy A50
Galaxy A40
Galaxy A30
Galaxy A20
Galaxy A20e
Galaxy A10
Galaxy J6/J6+
Galaxy J8/J8+
Galaxy M10
Galaxy M20
Galaxy M30
Galaxy Tab S4
Galaxy Tab S5e
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)
Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018)







I totally agree, this will probably also be my last Samsung if Samsung don't shape up and give us Note8 owners Android 10 Q which should not be any major problems tu role out also to Note 8



Today, I was looking to a new phone to replace my Note 8, and suddenly, on the store's website, I saw a Galaxy Fold, for nearly 2500 bucks.... (Lot of money...) I wonder if two years from today, in the near future.. there's gonna be a similar thread, asking why the Galaxy Fold is now obsolete, beacause Samsung would'nt upgrade it, after two years to the latest version of the OS............. I'm not joking... really... Please Samsung can you check your policy again?, and make us happy?  :smiling-face:  :smiling-face:


google and oneplus 3 and apple i think 5

It's a shame that Samsung Note 8 phones don't get the Q update
If note 8 doesn't get the Q update, switch to another Xiaomi brand that is better at providing updates
Please up date the Note 8 to android 10. The Note 9 was not much of a design change from the Note 8 and the Note 10 HAD NO 3MM headphone jack (which android users made fun of Apple for that blunder). A Note 11 may be forthcoming but at this time with all the jobs lost and poor economy how can anybody afford a $2000 Galaxy Note 11? Just update the Note 8 (we're) begging you Samsung!

Too late for that, decision was made already.


I am a bit interested in Motorola with stylus, but it does not have oled so I am not sure if its suitable replacement. But its worth to look into imho.


I'm way past begging. I'm just flat done. I have a note 8 and my wife has an S9+. Both purchased in cash. We will both be leaving Samsung behind when it's time to replace these phones and won't be coming back to Samsung ever. Add to that I have a Samsung tablet and when it's time to replace that I can guarantee it won't be a Samsung device. Hell I just purchased a 4k tv and we looked at the Samsung models but the way they support their product we purchased another brand. Here's food for thought. My wife has an iPhone 7 she uses to play music on. At least 4 years old and know what? It runs the latest greatest OS. Screw Samsung. They have been screwing us all for years and training us to not just accept less for more money but to be happy about it. I'm done with Samsung and all the other sleazy companies that don't want to really support their product and just want to fleece their customers.

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