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Android 10 Q - Galaxy Note 8


Despite this subject is still in development. There are some websites listing the Samsung Phones that will be compatible with Android 10 Q, which will probably arrive at autumn 2019. The Galaxy Note 8, is still one powerfull phone, surely capable of running Android 10 without a problem, but it's still not yet on the lists. 

I would like to know if Samsung has plans to include the Note 8 to be able to run Android 10, and if not, what would be the reason to not include it.

Here is a list that you can find on some websites...


Galaxy Fold
Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+
Galaxy S9/S9+
Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy A9 (2018)
Galaxy A7 (2018)
Galaxy A6 (2018)/A6+ (2018)
Galaxy A80
Galaxy A70
Galaxy A50
Galaxy A40
Galaxy A30
Galaxy A20
Galaxy A20e
Galaxy A10
Galaxy J6/J6+
Galaxy J8/J8+
Galaxy M10
Galaxy M20
Galaxy M30
Galaxy Tab S4
Galaxy Tab S5e
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)
Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018)






These are all things that should be common sense but why would Samsung, lg, Google or any of the others provide updates to the note 8 when instead they can leverage you into buying a not 11 or 12? It's like AT&T making it so unless you buy a locked phone from them you can't get wifi calling to work. This serves to do nothing but local people into flag ships so again why would Samsung extend their upgrade policy when all the cell companies collude to ensure it's painless to just keep trading in your phone every year or 2 and just make essentially a lease payment on your phone just like you would on a car? I've run google for over 10 years now and wont be upgrading to a new android device. I'm tied of dealing with all the bloat and lack of timely upgrades that Android phones are saddled with. I paid for the phone, I should be able to uninstall Samsung bloat, but I can't. I should be able to minimize spying and tracking, but I can't. I read once that if something is free than you are the product, ie Facebook. I paid for this phone so how am I STILL the product. No more. I'm checking out of the Samsung and android community

@NsProd seeing is believing...


No fake news please... show us a reliable source...

So Trumpie, which part are you whining fake news over?


You know instead of whining out fake news you could have simply googled and found out I was right.

:smiling-face: <not Trumpie  :smiling-face:  Actually I thought your comment was great!


I was answering to the German guy, who said he heard from some one... Note 8 was going to get Android 10.... 





It may happen in the EU because corporations are usually a little more scared of the EU due to customer protections but I'm sure the US customers never will get it and even if we did the telcos wouldn't push it. Why would they when they can force you to a new phone?

we will have to settle for a possible port of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Trestina arrival more information look on XDA

And? Apple updates it's devices for a few years. And Note 8 was and still is a flagman smartphone. 

Is that a new dialect of gibberish?

No, gibberish is seem to be that absolutely foolish comment about update for a new 2 versions of Android. I think that company has to responsible and provide updates for all of the models...
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Planned obsolesece or just 'convenient' obselence is an insult to consumers.

You would be hard pressed to find a pc that won't accept a new OS, the same shoud go for andoid devices.

Few people buy a phone on the first day of release so to many their Note 8 is still a pretty new phone.

If this Note 8 ( which was not freakn cheap) does not get its deserved OS update, I would have to declare this the last straw for me. They have never been great with software ( my galaxy watch has been a disaster and my HT is buggy too) but leaving customers in the lurch, but expecting them to stay loyal is fastastical. I love having a pen for the phone but guess what Sammy, the surface products are coming and they won't be bloated by bixby and OS updates I'm sure will be imporatant. This may be the last product I buy from Samsung as I'm startingto feel like I've been given a bad deal and my trust for Samsung is teatering on totally broken.

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