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Alternatives to S22?

(Topic created on: 08-11-2021 09:49 PM)
Big Cheese
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Any contenders for this phone, based on the specs out there on Looking for something similar 😎.
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I'm going to make my judgement when Samsung officially announce the new phone in one of their unpacked events,  so I'm not making my decision on speculation, rumour and leaks.

Right now I'm happy with the Fold3 but who knows what's around the corner  :winking-face:

The Google Pixel 6 Pro does look nice.

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@LiquidSnake I agree the Pixel 6 pro might be option, though the Pixels not really attracted me. The xiaomi 11 might be worth a look but not as premium. Need to see on Samsung's offering though, is it mostly price considerations. Anyway a look at best current Android phones here.,review-6051.html

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