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Adding words to samsung keyboard?

(Topic created on: 17-04-2018 10:46 AM)
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So I'm pretty late asking this. No idea why I haven't before. I use the Samsung keyboard on my glaxy s5. I really like this keyboard. In the good old days, I could rely on this keyboard to correct my mistakes and let me speak however I wanted to my friends. Quite a while ago, I woke up, messaged my friend, and wouldn't you know that every cuss word I typed was auto replaced by a different word? This was awful. Now, every time I type one of these words, it changes it to something else. It really "ducks". And that wasn't even a cuss word. That was "sucks". It does this all the time. I hit the check mark. No memory of my words. I know that I can turn auto replace off, and I'm certain that will fix the problem, but I like the ability to have it fix my errors. I can put them in as hot keys and just type "1", I suppose (haven't tried it), but that breaks the flow of my typing. Also, if I'm typing a word, notice I misspelled it, backspace, correct it, then continue... the stupid program will autoreplace half of the word. What can I do? I don't want to switch to another keyboard, but this is really irritating. Please help.