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A5 2017 front camera focus issue

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I found that front camera in A5 2017 has a serious issue, Focusing!

If my face is near front camera (like 20-30cm), the photo would be clear. But if I extend my hand to take a selfie (this is needed for group selfies), then everything including faces is blurry!

This isn't my only issue but I heard from others that they are experiencing same problem!

I also have a Huawei Nova whose front camera doesn't have auto/manual focus either but, unlike A5 2017, photos are clear!

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I have the same problem with my A5 2017 and i also hate the fact that their is no OIS in back camera.Samsung should atleast by a firmware update add EIS or some kind of software stablization and fix the front camera


Could you tell us what Samsung will do about the problem in front camera of a7 and a5 2017?
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This problem is very seroius #samsung please do something you have spoiled my vacation because of this issue....i cannot take good pictures of me because of this front cam focus issue. I bought new phone after my LG G2 (best mobile ever) and was highly disappointed with this front cam focus issue. Recall all your A5 2017 and fix the problem or upgrade the mobile for free. I will raise this issue in press also on UAE.


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The problem with the camera comes from the Samsung camera app... Try to change the app with Retica, for example. If you do this you'll see that the front camera is awesome. 

Since you are an engineer, so my qs is, "Is it possible to rectify this problem by updating the phone or using any other camera app? or it's something related with hardware issue which can't be solved." I bought a A7 2017 few days back and facing same problems now.

YES INDEED I AGREE, just a full stretch of my arm is enough for it to loose all the focus. I'm a photographer and having a fixed lens and yet having the focus range not set to infinity, I'd rather have a higher aperture to keep everything clear. And it really sucks when it comes to wefie, didn't wanted my friends to be bokeh.

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Of course it's hardware problem
No this is due to hardware problem, they fixed the lens focus to 50cm distance which I think they're tryna achieve depth of field effect for selfies, but it's ridiculous when it comes to group selfie, everyone further becomes bokeh
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