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A5 2017 front camera focus issue

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I found that front camera in A5 2017 has a serious issue, Focusing!

If my face is near front camera (like 20-30cm), the photo would be clear. But if I extend my hand to take a selfie (this is needed for group selfies), then everything including faces is blurry!

This isn't my only issue but I heard from others that they are experiencing same problem!

I also have a Huawei Nova whose front camera doesn't have auto/manual focus either but, unlike A5 2017, photos are clear!

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Shame to Samsung !!!


It's not only the front camera, it's the back camera too. I bought this smartphone only for the camera. I bought it in Brasil.

The quality is absolutely not 16Mpx, not at all !

My old iphone 5 was much better. Even landscape pictures taken from the bus or train were absolutely perfect.

The autofocus is aweful in Samsung A5, every pictures are blur, if I don't move at all, it doesn't help neither, it takes too many times to focus, even when I disable the auto focus it's the same issue ! I don't get it.

Now I read this forum, obviously everybody have the same issue and it's a hardware issue !!!! this is not normal ! 

They say to buy the samsung S9 for the auto focus but I don't trust the brand anymore. How is it possible to bring two smartphone the same year and one has the best auto focus and the other is absolutely the worse you could find ?!!! 
#samsungsucks #dontbuysamsung #samsungsmartphone 


It's sad AF, but i got over it ... lol.. just taking the selfies I really want the Background to show up, with the REAR Camera .... It`s obviously harder, but that's the way people had to take pictures for about YEARS... 80's, 90's 00's, and so on. We are too comfortable with evrerything. I know its not a CHEAP phone at all. ITS ACTUALLY EXPENSIVE AND THIS SHOULDNT HAPPEN. But i have it and that's it... 


Hi Fransunset,

The issue is that I bought this quite expensive just for the camera, because they were promoting the camera on this phone in the samsung shop. I went to two others shops asking a smartphone with the best camera and they all proposed me this one as it has the highest resolution.
One don't create a smartphone camera with a 16Mpx with camera with hardware issues, blur pictures.

Most of people are mad because of that. With this price, I could have bought a sony camera and have professionnal pictures.

I don't take selfies, I take pictures and most of them are about people, situations or landscape (I travel the world) and when you have to ajust longtime a picture which is most of the time blur, it ruins everything.

I bought it in February, now I have to buy another one as I need to be able to take pictures.

If I wanted a 80s camera, I would take pictures with my old minolta or buy another one in a garage sale for few dollars :winking-face: 
I'm pretty mad at Samsung because it's just not possible to do that, for their own brand.


I found "solution". Front camera A5 has miopiya like my. I use glasses with -5.5 and -4.5  dioptries. When I keep them in font of camera photos seems not bad.

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