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A5 2017 front camera focus issue


I found that front camera in A5 2017 has a serious issue, Focusing!

If my face is near front camera (like 20-30cm), the photo would be clear. But if I extend my hand to take a selfie (this is needed for group selfies), then everything including faces is blurry!

This isn't my only issue but I heard from others that they are experiencing same problem!

I also have a Huawei Nova whose front camera doesn't have auto/manual focus either but, unlike A5 2017, photos are clear!

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I have asked the service center to replace the camera since my phone is still in warranty. Maybe you guys can do that.


Do recent builds of A5 2017 have this problem?

Do A7 2017 and A3 2017 models have this problem?

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I already sold my A5 2017 because i faced the same issue. I'm a former samsung experience consultant. I wasted my money, my savings from my salary that I've worked in your company. I'm not the only one facing the issue here in the Philippines, but the costumers as well. As a consultant of samsung, I have never get so humiliated in my life when costumers ask me about the issue of the phone. But for the faith of the company, we try to cover the issue and told them that the issue will be fix when an update comes.


Is it joke ..??..what is this.. i bought a7 2017 yesterday ..its front camera look sucks..what do you think ..we paid to samsung to take picture of our nose ,eyes only....a series 2017 front camera is useless...i changed my s7 edge which display has a pink line i bouhgt a7 2017 and its camera sucks.. you dont give any value to our money....i used galaxy s2,s3,s4,s5,s6..i am a big fan of samsung phone ..but no more people are sucks now.time to change sansung brand..



Better to spread this issue in social media. It seems that Samsung is not listening here. 

Its not The solution , the costumers are not fool ?

This phone will become a beast if you able to fix the front camera's focus thingy. I love this phone and actually paid bucks for this because i thought it is something that ypi can use for a long time. But when I've tried the front camera with friends, Oh God! This is a big problem. How can i possibly captyre every moments if I have this problem. It may a hardware issue but I hope you can help us to fix it. Maybe through a software updatr or troubleshootings. Please help! Before its too late. 


I'm from India. I'd bought this smartphone this june. It's not yet completed even 6 months. Whenever I looked at the selfies taken by me, I always wondered that how can I be so bad at taking selfies until the day when I saw a selfie clicked by my cousin. It didn't took me a while knowing there may have some issues with the device. This noon I spent a little time clearing camera app data, resetting the camera app to default and then tried capturing the selfies constantly. It was then only when I got to realise; there's some issue with with my device; I need to visit to the service centre. Before that I considering Google first, which led me to this forum.

At the gooogle page, I got happy reading that 'SOLVED' in the title of the post (that led me to visit all the pages of this post), but I'm much disappointed and outrageous knowing this is such a hell of the MISLEADING TITLE by the forum.

Further, I'm extreme angry knowing how I, actually we were fooled by Samsung. 

This need to be fixed by samsung. How can a brand do like this?

We need this issue to be viral on the social media and all,  so that Samsung take an action.

I'll think a tons of time before considering a Samsung smartphone!


Thank you all for your feedback. We're sad to hear that you are unhappy with the quality of the photos from your front facing cameras on your 2017 A Series phones. We're also sorry that you feel mislead about the Community accepted solution on the thread, thank you for letting us know - we have now removed this from the thread. We'd like to ask you for your help so that we can investigate your experiences and look to see what we can do. 


We understand that a number of you have already been through support processes but would appreciate it if you could follow the below steps and provide your feedback so that we can better understand what has been going on. The order of these steps is key to the investigation as it systematically shows us the status of your phone. 


A little about you and your phone 

- While we are UK based, we understand that a number of our friends on this thread are from countries across the globe so please let us know where you are currently based. This will help us escalate your information to the right people.

- What's the model of your phone? You can check this at Apps > Settings > About Device > Model number 

- Screenshot your software information - Apps > Settings > About Device > Software information 

- Send us an example of the selfie you are not happy with


The basics: The phone healthcheck 

We always recommend that you are on the latest versions of your software and apps, as they are constantly being developed and improved to bring increased stability and security as well as new features. Please do this by Restart > Check you are on the latest software version > Check you are on the latest app version > Check your apps are up to date - Play Store > Hamburger Menu > My apps and games > Update All 

- Take a photo: Does this improve the picture quality? 


Checking your camera

Wipe the lens of your selfie camera with a lint-free cloth. Dust can distort the image quality of your pictures.  

Take a photo: Does this improve the picture quality? 


Let's make sure that there is no corrupt data in your app that is causing the issue. Apps > Settings > Apps/Application Manager > Camera > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear data 

Take a photo: Does this improve the picture quality? 


Let's check the impact of third party applications. Launch your device in Safe Mode - do this by switching your phone off then while pressing and holding the Volume down button turn your device on with the power button.

Take a photo: Does this improve the picture quality? 


Send us an Error Report through Samsung Members 

If Samsung Members is available in your country, please use it to submit an error report to our experts after taking a blurry photo. This will give them more information on how your phone is performing. You can do this by Apps > Samsung Members > Hamburger Menu > Support > Send Feedback > Error Report 


Thanks for your feedback and co-operation, 

The Samsung Community Team. 

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