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A5 2017 front camera focus issue

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I found that front camera in A5 2017 has a serious issue, Focusing!

If my face is near front camera (like 20-30cm), the photo would be clear. But if I extend my hand to take a selfie (this is needed for group selfies), then everything including faces is blurry!

This isn't my only issue but I heard from others that they are experiencing same problem!

I also have a Huawei Nova whose front camera doesn't have auto/manual focus either but, unlike A5 2017, photos are clear!

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I agree but hardware fixed focus lens can't be fixed with firmware

As an avid fan of Samsung Phones i am really disappointed when i bought my wife this samsung a5 2017. The front cam is so disgusted when making a selfie with a group that the person at the back is blurred. This issue if not resolved immediately by your company will have us think thrice when buying your products again. Such a big company making your custimer look like a fool with your ad.


Hello! I have recently bought this phone in Toronto and I am very upset to use the camera. I bought looking at 16mp feature to get best selfies and in turn it has turned out to be worst. I need my money back and please take this phone. It's not even a month and the phone hangs alot. Please take back this phone and refund my money.


Dear Samsung team, this is not solved! I get an A7 (2017) and it has exactly the same issue!! The pictures that are being taken between the range indicated by you are getting blured! I think the every customer wants to take a selfie without being a photographer or to be thinking if the photo will be focused or not!

I think that this can be solved by software and I hope that this will be solved with Nougat update, but really this is very annoying. Maybe a camera app update that provide autofocus via software would help us a lot.

Please don't forget customers!



I'm from Spain. Here we've got the same problem. I bought A5 2017 in february and the front camera was wrong. And many, many people have got the same problem with that. 

I was sending mails and phone calls everyday, every hour, and finally they changed my phone for other A5 2017, with a camera that is a little better.  No good, only a little better.

And that's all. Samsung is not going to make nothing else..

Of course, i'll never buy Samsung never more. They're a thiefs.


(Sorry for my english,i don't speak very well, but i wanted tell you my case)


I'm so disaapointed, my expectations were so high 😞 Can anyone answer me: Is there any chance to fix this problem with some kind of update?  Or i need to sell my phone 😞


I am from the Philippines and I experience the same issue. This is very very very disappointing for me because I worked hard for me to buy this phone. This is a very serious matter because this is in contrary to what you've advertised!



I didnt see the solution, customers are still dissatisfied. I'm from Macedonia and i need to work so hard for  2 years 

to pay this phone that i dont like. Where is  the solution for this problem? For 2 years i will be nervous and i will tell everyone how  dissapointed i am and finaly buy an iphone.

There is no no logic, i have Samsung galaxy A5 2017 and can't take selfies with somebody else or with some background that i want to be focused, and somebody that have A5 2016 can. I thougt that every year you need to be better not worse.



iam from egypt  and i had the same  problem 

and customers service does not believe me  


It doesnt metter. Samsung thinks that this is something that is good, in the commercial for this smartphone there is one sentence that explane that this is something good, it says IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU. The selfie is about you, not about other things /people in the background. So sad!

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