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A5 2017 front camera focus issue

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I found that front camera in A5 2017 has a serious issue, Focusing!

If my face is near front camera (like 20-30cm), the photo would be clear. But if I extend my hand to take a selfie (this is needed for group selfies), then everything including faces is blurry!

This isn't my only issue but I heard from others that they are experiencing same problem!

I also have a Huawei Nova whose front camera doesn't have auto/manual focus either but, unlike A5 2017, photos are clear!

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Hey @Anonymous User, thanks for doing the troubleshooting process. Sorry to hear the issue is still persistent! It looks like the phone will need and engineer's inspection. Are you able to visit one of our drop-in Support Centres for further assistance from our experts?  For your nearest one, head to: is there one nearby? 

Hi @sameerchavan! Let's look into this! Did you buy your phone in India? Have you spoken with our friends at Samsung India regarding this issue? If not, you can reach them on: Do let us know how you get on. 

@CarolinaW - This issues is in all A 2017 series phones where you have used the same camera hardware. I brought the phone in India/Bangalore from Samsung store. I have also checked in many other samsung stores in front of your technical persons. I tested in many other A5/A7 2017 phones. They have admitted this issue. It cannot be rectified. It is like your Note 7 issue. You need to call back all phones or scrap all of them and refund the money. 

We’re sorry you are unhappy with the fixed focus on the Galaxy A5’s front-facing camera. This camera is optimised for Selfie Mode and should be used when you are taking pictures of objects or people between 20 and 50cm from the lens. For pictures outside of this range, you can make use of the rear camera that makes use of photodiodes and auto-focus. You can also set a voice control for your photos by going to Camera App > Settings > Voice Control > Toggle On. Let us know how you get on. 

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Isn't this funny? Is Samsung creating "brand new" rule for front camera? Or you are trying to justify another mess (like note 7) with this? 

Is selfie camera for close photos only?

We, users, should make our voice loud to have world know Samsung is messing with users again!


Indeed the front camera is disappointed because selfie are not just to capture a single face but a group of people sometime. There should be some option to remove autofocus while using front camera.

You are wrong. I am engineer who has worked in mobile R&D in Seoul, korea. The problem in this phone is that the front camera's depth-of-field is very low. If you dont know, most selfies have friends behind us. And your camera makes them all blur. Poor customers think it is their fault. They don't know Samsung engineers have done a bad job. 

This cannot be fixed. Finally I sold this A5 that i got at 30k and brounght a chinese Geonie A1 phone at 20K. The front camera of this chinese phone is awesome. No one is blurred even if they stand 5 ft away from my face. 

I had samsung S4, S6, Note2, Note4 and wanted to buy S8. Now I dont trust. Even in S8 the finger print scanner is at wrong position next to camera lense. This will making it always with finger print marks & blurred pictures. 

it is very bad. when you say our phone's front camera is 16 MP, many of people buy this phone to take great selfies. If we want to use rear camera for taking selfie, we have many other choices to buy. Give back our money please.
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I do agree with you. Even a 16MP phone with fixed focus shouldn't be this way. I know Huawei Nova front camera has fixed focus but the photos are all clear regardless of distance! Samsung engineers have messed with this and just released it with the mess cheating users with "16MP" front camera! 16MP front camera for 30-50cm distance?!! Really? Or maybe it is designed for "skin care" experts to examine our pores on our face?
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We deserve this mess! This is what "blind" fans of brands get! Samsung has our money in her pocket laughing at us!

A big company with hundreds models never care users much unless it's a shameful news (note 7).

The best strategy of buying a phone with proper care to users is to purchase from brands with few models like Google/Sony....

I hate Samsung now...(who cares)...

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