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A5 2017 front cam

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Dear Samsung ,


Because of the Galaxy A5 2017 front camera focus issue (it is impossible to do a clear, sharp photo when you keep your phone more that 40-50 cm from your face) I would like to ask are you going to improve that in the future through any update? I would like to get a clear answer as I am considering to buy this phone but right now the front cam is almost completely useless as me and I think also many others are not interested in doing photos just of myself where my head fills the whole frame – this is the only way to get sharp photo… The front cam focus should work just like in your other phones, such as for example A3 2017 where this problem does not occur.


Dear Samsung,


Do you hear the voice of your customers? We can not take photos with the front camera of a7 2017 and a5 2017. All the pictures taken with front camera are blurry. Will you solve this issue with a software update? This is unbelievable. Did not you test this phone?


Hi @Dakrwater00 The fixed focus on the Galaxy A5’s front-facing camera is optimised for Selfie Mode and should be used when you are taking pictures of objects or people between 20 and 50cm from the lens. For pictures outside of this range, you can make use of the rear camera that makes use of photodiodes and auto-focus. You can also set a voice control for your photos by going to Camera App > Settings > Voice Control > Toggle On. There are no plans to modify this as yet. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


Sorry Caroline but your explanation does not convince me at all. So what was the point in adding front camera functionality to take a picture in a wider frame so that more people can be on the photo when you knew that it will cause a blurry shot because you have to move the cam a little bit further from your face.. After all, this completely contradicts the assumption you have presented. But what makes me even more curious is that in other Samsung models as for example in A5 2016 this problem does not occur. You can do sharp photos of your face and of all your friends... That's strange, do not you think?

Dear Samsung team and Carolina, this is not a customer problem! I get an A7 (2017) and it has exactly the same issue!! The pictures that are being taken between the range indicated by you are getting blured! I think the every customer wants to take a selfie without being a photographer or to be thinking if the photo will be focused or not!
I think that this can be solved by software and I hope that this will be solved with Nougat update, but really this is very annoying. Maybe a camera app update that provide autofocus via software would help us a lot.
Please don't forget customers!

iam from egypt  and i had the same  problem 

and customers service does not believe me  


I noticed that front camera photos are blury when I take selfie at the extend of hand! If I take close ... .i also update in noaget7 but the problm is not solve...when this prblm is solve..How to make Samsung hear our voice to fix this?....


so until now still no solution?


I found "solution". Front camera A5 has miopiya like my. I use glasses with -5.5 and -4.5  dioptries. When I keep them in font of camera photos seems not bad.

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