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Why? How? What?

(Topic created on: 30-11-2021 08:33 PM)
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So lots of People here complaining about issues with Android 12 and there seems to be a lot of them.

I like a few handful have not had so many issues.

So I'll just put down what I do and hope it helps some one.

I back up my photos and contacts to Google One.

After every major update, A new phone and once ever six months I do a full Reset.

I Never transfer over apps or have used Samsung smartswitch.

Always manually install my apps one by one and get my photos and contacts back from the cloud.

Also twice a week I will manually check for app updates in both Samsung and Google store.

Enjoying Android 12 and One UI 4 .
"WI-FI went down for five minutes, so I had to talk to my family.
They seem like nice people"
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Yes i think what you are saying is correct. I posted the same thing as you are saying a few hours ago because people are asking why my phone runs smooth as silk & their's don't.

I am a bit on the fence with this one @GoanGeek.

I have had the S21u since day one, and we have all suffered some pains since January ...heating...battery... and now things are now far better with the handset... i am very happy with my S21u.   

In the past, I have made a factory reset when changing to Android 11 / OneUI3.1... and this resolved issues for me then, and I am also sure would do now.   However, I don't want to wipe my phone clean every time and go through long process of installing all banking apps / TV services / health apps / gaming etc... this is not productive ! 

The big question is "why should the consumer have to do this on a flagship phone ?"    When you pay upwards of £1300 for a phone it should be seamless, and not having to 'reset cache', perform factory reset, or any other special actions...  these problems should be resolved during the update process. 

As you have probably seen from comments in the past, I am quite a Samsung fanboy :smiling-face: ... and I own Samsung TV, Gaming Monitor, last 5+ generations of smartphone, Watch3, previously the GearVR (before cancellation), Dex,  and other Samsung products.  I really like Samsung products... 

I am quite happy with the new Android 12 on my S21u, but this software was in Beta testing for a long time, and yet there are many app crash issues occurring right now.   My facebook constantly force closes and I have uninstalled and reinstalled from app store.  There are other observed minor issues. 

These are not what I would call a 'first world problem' and especially in the world as it is now... but come on Samsung, you need to improve on these issues...  and up your game ! 

With new phones that are becoming so good like the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro... I have not seen one bad review about this newly released phone.   If Samsung don't improve then i can see losing a lot of custom in the future.   

Kind Regards


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Starting from the bottom I have the Pixel 6 and am in those forums and people are moaning about other things there as well.

Do remember Samsung has to make their UI work with Android 12 which itself was / is buggy.

Given that these phones have come out during Covid I am not complaining as hands down its one if the best out there.

Even Before I did not have much issues and if you remember initially the people who had the most issues were those whom seem to have done smart switch and now this Android 12 fiasco.

On both counts I have hadn't issues so maybe I'm doing something right 😁.

Also I love doing the resets because then I feel like I have got a new phone every six months 🙃.

With Technology either it works or it doesn't.

I am with the masses though especially if you have paid Top Dollar for a phone it should just work but alas its not .
"WI-FI went down for five minutes, so I had to talk to my family.
They seem like nice people"
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Exactly identical to my regime @GoanGeek 


I do it every time there is an Android platform change... Android 11 > Android 12. This only happens, usually, once a year.


I never use Smart Switch to import stuff from a different model of phone and on an older platform, as I know from experience that this can cause issues.


I would also add that there are still a large number of apps on the Play store that their developers have not updated for Android 12 in spite of having 7 months notice. I had to remove 2 of these when I switched from Android 11 to 12 as they caused problems.


After a monthly update I just wipe the phone's cache partition, use Galaxy App Booster and in 5 min's I'm good to go.


My phone is running silky smooth and with no issues for me, on Android 12, BUKG.


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TBH I also do the same to my PC Once A Year just back up to external Drive and Reset PC and start from Scratch.

Overtime the software clogs up and does need a refresh now and then.

Good Housekeeping never goes wastes I say.
"WI-FI went down for five minutes, so I had to talk to my family.
They seem like nice people"