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What made you chose Samsung

(Topic created on: 30-06-2021 08:27 AM)
Let me tell you a little bit why I love samsung. They have all ways made absolute incredible phones that just blows my mind every year. Especially the s20 ultra I have. And I just love how they all ways add something new which no other phone has. 

I would love to hear other people's reason why they chose Samsung 
I've had android phones in the past which were a bit ***** then on I was with apple for a while I think I loved my x phone, don't know why but when I got my iPhone 11 Pro I was bored with it normally when u get a new phone ur in love but that phone which I still own I leave at home
I just love my fold 2 my first Samsung phone my hubbies there's saying it horrid u will hate it ha soo wrong he was even he bought the s20 fe
I even bought a secondhand tablet S5e at a bargain price so my hubbies had to get a tablet as well ha
I love love love this phone I don't think I could go back to a 'normal' phone 😏
Big Cheese
To put it simply Samsung lead in terms of technical innovation and performance especially in the camera department where they just don't stand still especially at the moment. They have had to rise to the challenge of the fine Chinese smartphones flooding the market with their equally fine cameras and have done so brilliantly whereas poor Apple have been left behind innovation wise and are looking pretty stale in my opinion. I can't understand why iphones are still as popular as they are?. They do have good chipsets but just look at the phones those chipsets power. They never change in terms of design and hardware?. Do some people really put image and trend over innovation and design and performance?. All my family only buy Samsung (and I have a big family!) not because we blindly follow each other but because we are knowledgeable lot and we simply want the best. We all work hard so we can buy the best. The best is Samsung. 👍👍
I've always been a fan of Android but never owned a Samsung until I got the A20e and then upgraded to my S20 5G and honestly I've been so happy with my choice ever since, Samsung just seems more user friendly compared to IOS.
Samsung Members Star ★
Samsung have always been the market leaders in Android phones when it comes to the latest tech. It's usually a safe bet getting their latest flagships if you want the latest innovations. I do like my Samsung devices for this reason however I never discount other brands if their offering is technically very competitive. For me though what usually trumps my purchases is screen size and for most generations Samsung have typically been on top every year. In the tablet space, there just isn't any competition to the Tab S line in Android.