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So many things wrong with my S21U - I'm trying a replacement

(Topic created on: 09-03-2021 03:57 PM)

So I've had my S21U for 3 and a half weeks and I've been totally unable to get it to act like a supposedly 'best ever Android' £1200 flagship phone.

These are the issues I've encountered:

- It's overheated on me four times, once while using the camera and the other three times during skype calls. I don't understand how regular useage can cause it to overheat so easily. I've never had a phone overheat on me in my life before

- I've not been able to get more than 5.5 to 6.5 hours max screen on time. And this is with dark mode enabled, wifi only, brightness under 20%, all apps in sleep or deep sleep mode. I even removed Facebook and Chrome as they were hogging a lot of battery and still no improvement. I have no idea how so many others are getting 9-10 hours SOT. I've only been using it for light useage such as browsing reddit, reading a couple of messageboards with the odd 30minute skype call or a couple of youtube videos thrown in.

- There was three times when I accidentally let the battery drain and each time I couldn't get the phone to charge or turn back on/show anything on screen. I'd wake up in the morning after putting it on charge to find it still dead with no signs of life. It then wouldn't register as charging. I had to faff around for like 15 minutes, changing outlets/chargers a few times and repeatedly trying to turn it on/force restart it to get it working. Just all round odd behaviour.

- Also the colour calibration on vivid mode seems to be really weird. Skin tones are pale, yellow and washed out. There's also a weird software thing happening when vivid mode is turned on. For example, an image in reddit looks totally different in colours/saturation than the exact same image opened in Chrome or Facebook. The colours would also visibly change when apps are fullscreened from being in splitscreen mode or from the recent apps tray.

My 4.5 year old Huawei P20 Pro has been through the wars, yet was still in a much better working condition (it was still getting 9 hours SOT!). I'm kinda annoyed I traded that in now. I'm hoping this s21u was just a defective unit and a new one will be better. I've definitely been incredibly disappointed so far.

Any one else had a similar experience?


I think the AUBB update is poop

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra


I heard nothing about my replacement so I called up Samsung and was told they can't replace it and can only give me a refund. I was like what?? You literally booked the replacement! Apparently because it's phantom navy colour, it's classed as a custom order so it can't be replaced. I asked if they had any more navys in stock, they said yes but we still can't replace it. I asked if they could send another colour instead, they said no. So that was infuriating. It got even worse though, as it's now been 2.5 weeks since they received the phone and I still haven't had my refund because they've somehow lost the buds and smarttag that were in the box. Kind of pissed off tbh. Just keep getting fobbed off by the Phillipine customer service people on the phone and no one is helping- I just keep getting "we will have to email the internal team and wait for a response" and then the internal team keep responding "we don't have the smart tag or buds so can't refund".  So I don't know what's going on but they're sitting on £1100 of my money, refusing to refund me and this is after literally taking my phone off me despite promising a replacement. My old device was traded in too and I can't get that back either and I'm going to lose the trade in value of that too. Not happy.

In the meantime I bought a used note10+ and I love it. It has none of the issues my S21U had, it easily hits 7-8hours SOT and it's so light and thin in the hand, no heating issues either. The only downside compared to the s21u is the 60hz screen and camera quality but whatever, everything else about it is great and it cost £800 less than the S21u.

So yeah - don't think I'll ever be giving Samsung my money directly ever again after this experience

i have to 512gb model