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Screen not working 😔

(Topic created on: 08-06-2022 09:13 PM)
So bought this brand new s20fe on 9th February 2022, got a case for it, which it has been in ever since I brought it home, the other day was upstairs and sent a message on WhatsApp to family (5th June, about 5.10 pm) came downstairs and put phone on worktop in kitchen, were I always put it, was cooking tea 6.20 and heard my friends message alert tone, but didn't look at phone, when sitting down for tea 20 mins later, went to read message but screen was faint green with what looked like black ink mark topleft side size of a pea and a thin green line 2cm long and size of a felt tip point wide, I have not dropped the phone or banged it it just appeared when I tried turning off and on again, I could see faint Samsung writing the screen was a faint green and then screen went black,with multi coloured line,  then my friend rang me while I was talking to her on Alexa device, my phone rang but screen was black. Was wondering if this had happened to anyone else, although fingers crossed it hasn't unless you did drop it and damaged your screen, then it would make sense!!

Forgot to add went back to Tesco where I bought phone from, set up door to door repair, put sim in old phone, went to emails to continue with repair and it said warranty not valid!!!! So had to go back to Tesco and book another repair and now awaiting jiffy bag in post to send it off for repair!!! Please if you offer one repair, please can you stick to it Samsung!!!! Or phone the customer instead of doing it through a computer!!! All in all took me about 4 hrs to get a repair sorted and not happy about sending my new phone through the post when I'm still paying for it!!!
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I'm sorry to hear your phone has developed a fault @Me2022 

In the Uk according to the Consumer-Rights-Act-2015  it's the seller of the phone that upholds the manufacturers warranty so Tesco should be looking after you.

That said typically Samsung UK would help where possible through a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre or in some regions even a doorstep repair service or sending it away. 


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