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Screen not working but phone still active - vibrates and can tell it has restarted

(Topic created on: 08-10-2022 02:47 PM)
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Screen went blank but I know the phone hasn't crashed as I can access it via find my phone. Tried Power button + volume down, phone vibrates and restarts, but the screen hasn't come back on.

Tried to connect via smart switch but the phone is in the wrong USB connection mode and I can't change it as I can't see what the screen is showing.

The expectations of the One UI5 beta programme are to report the error via the samsung members beta part but I can't get to it as I can't see what my phone is doing as the screen doesn't work. I can't find any contact details for the beta outside of the app (as I can't see it) - if anyone knows any I would be grateful.

Can't factory reset the phone from find my phone, as I need to enter 2FA code which is displayed on my phone.

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can (a) get the screen working or (b) downgrade to the previous version or (c) any other option which means the phone is actually useful again.