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Samsung S9 newest update undo?

(Topic created on: 28-03-2019 05:06 PM)
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I recently updated my Samsung S9 and while there may have been bug fixes or new additions to the phone I would gladly undo the update specifically to return to the previous messaging app. Now instead of an easy to read black background there is now a huge UNNECESSARY "messaging" area above my texts that both is absolutely infuriating that I cannot see my texts when I open my messaging app and incredibly dissapointing because the white background is hard on my eyes. 

If there is a way to undo this update I would appreciate being walked through how to do so because whatever you did to improve the phone is absolutely outshined by the fact you removed a very simple user-interface that enabled users with bad or sensitive eyes. 

If I don't get a reply I do not plan on updating this phone again for the length of time I own it as in my experience every Samsung update I've downloaded since I had my S3 has been a step back in terms of customization.

To end my argument, I will express my utter disgust that you released this update and STILL do not have a means by which to remap the positively USELESS bixby button. 

Please let me know how I can undo this mistake as soon as possible.


My email is ***** 


Please bring back the messaging app background feature!!! I just received an upgrade today on my Samsung S8+ and I lost my wonderful background picture only to be replaced by a stark white background. Is there any way that this feature will return or do I need to use a third party messaging app??