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Samsung S21+ Connection Issue after October Update

(Topic created on: 07-11-2023 08:33 PM)
First Poster

Hello :smiling-face: 

After the latest update in October, my personal S21+ appears to work perfectly in a browser and some apps but most apps will not load while connected to WiFi. This is the same regardless of Network/Router I am connected to.  If I switch to using mobile data then everything works perfectly.  This only happened after the update was installed last. 

Things tried:

- Cleared full cache from Recovery menu
- Repaired apps from recovery menu
- Reset Router to factory
- Reset phone to factory
- checked for any newer updates that may patch the issue

I own a repair shop for phones/computers so have checked all other basics while trying to troubleshooting.  My friend who is also an owner, has a S22 and this also incurred a similar issue that required a replacement motherboard from Samsung under warranty.  My own S21 will not be covered under warranty i dont think.  

Has anyone else had this issue that has resolved it? Would Samsung take any ownership of it if there are a number of these same issues accumulating?