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Samsung GearVR app unusable - unable to sign in to Oculus - Allow offline mode

(Topic created on: 22-03-2024 01:26 PM)

I am unable to sign in to the Samsung Gear VR app using either Facebook or the new Meta login option. This problem exists for all versions of the Gear VR.


  • Facebook Login: I receive a error message "Facebook Session Expired: Your facebook session has expired or is invalid. Please log in to facebook again". I can confirm I am logged in to Facebook on my phone and the current Facebook app is installed.
  • Meta / Oculus Email Login: After entering valid credentials I receive a "No network connection" error message despite having a functioning internet connection.
  • The previous error message is misleading since the app network connection is confirmed because when you enter invalid credentials it recognizes these were entered incorrectly and a different error is given instead "Wrong email address and/or password" which means the app isn't exchanging data correctly after verifying the user

I am able to login fine for both of these via a web browser but not using the Oculus app which is needed for the headset. Both errors prevent app usage even with valid credentials.


  • I cannot access the Samsung Gear VR app altogether due to mandatory sign-in upon launch.
  • The app requires sign-in upon launching, and there is no option for offline use further restricting functionality.

Additional Information:

  • The app displays the "No network connection" error for valid login credentials.
  • The current Facebook app and GearVR app was installed when attempting to login using Facebook login method.
  • However I can successfully sign in to both Facebook and Meta accounts through a web browser on the phone but not the app needed to use the headset.
  • I have a new Meta, Facebook and Horizon account and linked and followed the steps already as suggested here:

Desired Resolution:

  • Skip Sign-In: Implement a temporary solution allowing users to access the Gear VR app home screen, even if accessing the app store through Oculus is unavailable or disabled.
  • Offline Mode: Introduce a "Continue in Offline Mode" option for users to utilize pre-downloaded apps within the Gear VR environment.
  • Error Correction 1: Investigate and fix the "Session Expired" error for Facebook logins.
  • Error Correction 2: Address the misleading "No network connection" error displayed for valid Meta login attempts.

A continue without sign on mode could allow users to view the home screen and open installed apps while the service is unavailable, like you can with an Xbox and PlayStation.

This would require entitlements to be registered on device so it can be reopened while offline similar to apps installed from the recently decommissioned Nintendo 3DS eshop.

I have raised this issue with Meta and they have advised I reach out to Samsung.

The GearVR app is distributed with Samsung phones and updated via the Samsung app store so the fix has to come from Samsung.

Samsung Members Star ★
You may have seen this information already.
But the link below gives you the information needed to use the equipment

Hello thank you for your reply, I have already done these steps, as mentioned earlier I am successfully able to login separately into Facebook and Meta, but when using the app itself using the Oculus email option it displays a "No network connection" error and using the Facebook app single sign on method it shows "Facebook Session Expired". This is an issue within the app itself and not the account and is widespread amongst GearVR users. The app needs to be updated to fix these errors.

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Suspect you will need to go into the app and leave feedback for those app development teams