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Samsung galaxy s21 ultra

(Topic created on: 19-05-2021 06:12 PM)
Do not get this phone you will be dissapointed with the quality and also the service from Samsung,  having purchased the samusung galaxy s21 ultra on the first launch,  although Samsung brag about it is there toughest phone ever made there are   deep scratches and marks in the glass  although  I purchased the official Samsung full case with s pen costing £85 its has still recieved damaged,  the phone is not even 3 months old yet and doing research on the Internet they are hundreds of complaints about the s21 scratching easily,  previous phone I had was a galaxy s10 plus never had a case and not one scratch or mark in 2 years , Samsung say once I receive my phone its my problem and the marks are cosmetic , the phone had never been dropped or misused and should not be receiving the damage it is getting just out of normal phone use 

I have it from the beginning the S21 Ultra 5G and also the case with the pen and they work and are good at they fully potential, if it was damaged replace it, if you're doing hating here what you solve? For that year S21 Ultra 5G is the best around the world ,people which they have samsung from long they know what I mean! 1hater 99999999999 happy customers with the best Samsung series phones 📱