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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Hidden Features You Didn’t Know About

(Topic created on: 31-12-2023 08:44 AM)

Unearth the Hidden Features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

  1. Director's View for Video Recording: Explore the Director's View feature when recording videos. This enables you to switch between lenses seamlessly, adding a dynamic touch to your video content.

  2. Single Take Magic: Embrace the Single Take mode, which captures a variety of photos and short videos simultaneously using multiple lenses. Let the Galaxy S21 Ultra do the creative work for you.

  3. Super Steady Video in Pro Mode: Discover the Super Steady Video capability within Pro Mode, providing professional-grade stabilization for your video recordings, ensuring a smooth and cinematic result.

  4. Customize S Pen Functions: Did you know the Galaxy S21 Ultra is S Pen compatible? Customize the S Pen functions to enhance your productivity and creative endeavours, making your device even more versatile.

  5. App Pairing for Enhanced Multitasking: Optimize your multitasking experience by utilizing the App Pair feature. This allows you to launch two apps simultaneously in a split-screen view, boosting efficiency and convenience.

  6. Enhanced Dark Mode: Take advantage of Dark Mode customization options. Adjust the intensity to fit your preference and reduce eye strain, especially in low-light environments.

  7. Edge Panels for Quick Access: Swipe in from the edge to activate Edge Panels, providing quick access to apps, contacts, and tools. Customize these panels to tailor them to your specific needs.

  8. Samsung DeX Wireless Connection: Transform your Galaxy S21 Ultra into a desktop-like experience with Samsung DeX. Now, with wireless connectivity, seamlessly connect your device to a compatible display without the need for cables.

  9. Object Eraser in Photo Editor: The Photo Editor app offers an Object Eraser tool. Easily remove unwanted objects from your photos, enhancing your images effortlessly.

  10. AI-based Gallery Organization: Leverage AI capabilities in the Gallery app to organize your photos intelligently. The Galaxy S21 Ultra can categorize images, making it simpler to locate and enjoy your memories.

Unlock the full potential of your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra by exploring these hidden features. Each feature adds a layer of functionality and convenience to elevate your smartphone experience.