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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G blocking computers and other devices from using WiFi.

(Topic created on: 22-08-2021 05:18 AM)
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My Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G seems to be blocking computers and other devices from using the WiFi it is using.

So, like, I've has this phone about 2 weeks. Maybe 2½ weeks. And connectivity has been an issue since day one, as where I am, 5G is unusable.

But now, I've run into an entirely different problem. WiFi has just been weird with this thing. And it has seemem that other people would have trouble connecting to the WiFi when I'm connected to it.

So yesterday I visited my aunt and uncle, and eventually asked if they minded if I connected to their WiFi. To my pleasent surprise, as soon as I turned my phone's WiFi  on, it automatically connected to their router. Thank God for small miracles, someone's backup setup actually saved something.

Almost immediately, my Aunt complains that she's lost her connection to their router, and can't seem to reconnect her Apple laptop. My heart sinks, because I recognise this pattern. I'm just speaking the first few silibles of, "Try rebooting your router", when my Uncle chimes in from the family room that PC compatible laptop just lost connectivity too.

I sigh and say, "Hold on a minute, I've got an idea", then turn my S21's WiFi off.

The results are almost instantainous, both say, "Oh, I'm connected again."

Now at MY house the events don't seem to happen as quickly, but happen they do.

I've been searching for days, but can't find any reports of something like that happening to ANYONE.

Has anyone experienced this? Better yet, has anyone solved this?


 - JamezK



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Nothing to do with the phone, possibly a static ip address on the router. Reset the router and start the set up again.