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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is A LOT WORSE than S20 FE???

(Topic created on: 20-10-2022 12:56 PM)
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Hi everyone,

I just lost my Galaxy S20 FE (Snagdragon 865) and I wanted to get an upgrade for it so I chose Galaxy S21 FE (Exyno 2100) with the same configuration 8GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM.  I didn't do too much research and review because I believe they are the same product but somehow I expect S21 FE to be little stronger and it has 5G.

But to my surprise, the only thing I like about S20 FE is the camera and how smooth it is, but for the S21 FE, I've never been more disappointed in my life, the price is of course more expensive, but the camera is the WORST!!! Even worse than my previous K20 Pro, the S21 FE's photo is blurry, the color  tone is bland, 3 out of 5 photos are blurry even I've kept my hand steady!! (the only thing I like more in Samsung compared with Xiaomi is the camera, now Why TF do I purchased this S21 FE which is a lot more expensive???) This had been confirmed with a lot of my friends. Moreover, the laggy and sluggish scrolling experience while I'm using a lot of apps like 9gag or Grab drives me crazy!! I mean...WTF is going on with S21 FE? I thought it is an upgrade from S20 FE but it is a huge downgrade, I'm selling this phone on market with more than 50% discount to somehow re-buy a S20 FE but nobody wants to buy it even I just bought it last week! 


Pleaseee, I've been very happy with S20 FE and now I have to use this monstrous device! Like Samsung wants to f*** its customers with this phone and I felt being lied to! I wanted to swear so so much, that is why I gathered all of my effort to write this post even though my english is not good.

Please God, tell me there is an update coming to fix all this, let me have one last hope for a Samsung!

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I've owned both Snapdragon and Exynos versions of Samsung phone's and I find the optimisation to be a little better when it comes to battery usage time's with the Snapdragon SoC @Heydte 

I owned both variants of the Samsung Note 20 Ultra. I imported the Snapdragon version into the UK and found them to be very similar. 

If your this unhappy then do you have a cooling off period to be able to return the phone  ?


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hi just moved to fe from one plus 7t and for me it seems better, certainly camera .... but then I've not tried the s20 fe .... I've not had any issues as yet with mine