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Samsung Galaxy S20+ gets very, very hot...

(Topic created on: 22-01-2021 03:06 PM)

Hello, there.


My Samsung Galaxy S20+ gets hot on the back and the front of the screen after low use, and it gets very hot immediately when playing games and recording videos. On top of this, the battery sinks even faster than normal. In general, this is a BIG problem for a phone, especially an almost brand new Samsung smartphone. In my opinion, playing games and recording videos are two big features of a phone... 


I've done some quick research and found that this problem might have to do with the very poor Exynos chip in the phone. Have anyone any idea how I can fix this problem? Is it even fixable? If not, how come that a +$1000-phone performs so poorly and there's no solution for a serious problem like this? 

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Why are those recommendations considered a solution? I have an s10+ with wifi always on, no battery saving, increased brightness with background apps running all over the place and not once has it gotten too hot to handle. Please stop recommending people to limit the features on a device for which they paid a lot of money. I recently bought an s20 which i returned because of the exact overheating problem. We have to admit this is a manufacturer problem and find real solutions to it.  Turn off wi-fi, really? I can't believe this is even a suggestion. I'm sorry, but this is very disappointing.

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Hi there,

I think its a wider issue for Samsung S20+ with Exynos chipset. Im facing the same issue. Right after 2.5 years of using it my Battery gone for good and even after the replacement, the issue of getting hot both front and back is very prominent when u use for media consumption.


Im hardly a person who uses games and my device mainly for media and productivity. Even camera also very minimal. 

Quite disappointed for a device that marketed as flagship yet it doesn't keep up to it. Furthermore, the replacement for battery and labor are charged   separately as it is quite expensive (~RM300) for a 3 years prodcut.

My Samsung s20 does this too. It gets so hot o have to out it in the fridge. It happened yesterday whilst I was in the aquarium and all I was using was the camera and it was hot to touch on the screen and the back. Similarly this morning I removed my phone from the charger as it was getting so hot and just spent the day with no battery.

There's simple heating up when using processer etc and doing things and then there's so hot you can't touch it. It's dangerous.