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Samsung do you really have a plan to fix OVERHEATING!?!?!

(Topic created on: 21-02-2021 08:08 PM)

Hi to all,

In this forum are so much topic about overheating S21U. One problem is when you use a camera, and second one when using multitasking.

They are BIG number of users that have this problem, all the world, so many topics, redit, xda forum, other languages forums, YouTube and etc.. And doesn't matter is in your device Snapdragon or Exynos.

The heat is so BIG that you can only use your camera just from 5 minutes to 10 minutes and then you get notification that camera app need to be close because of overheating. Doesn't matter did you take photos, or your camera app is just open and waiting for your order, or recording video (1080p, 4k, 8k) your phone will so much overheat that you will feel that very good.

And, I know you will write here how to fix... but for now they are no fix. We try all of your recommendations. Even send device to your service, they back the device, say it is repair but no, it is the same.

Several my friends and many users do so much thing what have you recommend, wipe-chace, factory reset, update to last AUB9, go to your local store, they send to repair station, they back from repair station and still the same. We all do this, me, my friend from London, second from Belgrade, third in New Yourk... and many S21U users from this forum. 

This is a winter time and if we cant use camera now, so what to do in summer?

Please Samsung, release the update if is possible to fix this. But ASOP. PLEASE be honest to us and write something about this problem.

We need your answer. Thx a lot.

P.S. sorry for bad English.

First Poster

I was my bad I didn't read the forums before purchasing s21 ultra 512gb 5G snapdragon variant , it's overheating all the time , tried all the solution suggestions from Samsung and others platform nothing works,

Last hope is adaptive , let's see if it can work out things or not