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S9+ Auto-moving Apps&Games FROM 400Gb SD card TO internal storage.

(Topic created on: 06-04-2023 07:31 PM)
Warm greetings from Gallompia, dear friends....

Although, due to the following issues, it is Unusable, I currently still own a Samsung Galaxy S9+. 
When I found out how to move apps n games from internal 256Gb to my SANDISK 400Gb SD card, I moved every app n game that were able to be freely moved from the internal storage to the SD Card, without Any issues. However, not all data and files, especially from an large games, like 1Gb+, such as most obb files weren't being moved, so I could not free up nearly as enough space on the S9+'s internal memory. 
However, after viewing and learning from other YouTube videos, I found out it was possible, from an option in the 'Developer's Menu' in SETTINGS, it WAS, in fact, possible to 'Force Move Apps to External Storage'. YAY!!! I thought, and started moving every single 'NON system' app and game to the external SD card (even ones smaller than 100Mb, that before, mostly, we're unmovable. 

Now, I'm not exactly sure when my FIRST issue began or why(?) but when waking up each new day, random apps n games had automatically moved BACK to INTERNAL memory, and each day, I had to keep moving these random apps n games BACK to the SD Card. Anyone PLEASE know WHY this is happening? PLUS, NOW, my S9+ CRASHES everytime it connects to wifi(???). Again, PLEASE, if any phone GURU out there who has any possible solutions to fix these, now, TWO issue(WITHOUT 'Factory Resetting' the phone, would they kindly let me know?!? 
Finally, just a thought....MIGHT it be possible I inadvertently accidentally moved an ESSENTIAL SYSTEM File to the external SD card, that has just about totally n utterly bricked the phone and WOULD a complete Factory Reset DEFINITELY fix these DIRE issues?!?
NOW, I am a very happy owner/user of a Samsung Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA and an Asus ROG 2 phone (that needs sending to an Asus Repair Centre in the UK (once I EVENTUALLY find it's box for its serial number that Asus require(?!?!?!?), as its USB C charging-port is knackered and it can't charge anymore.... URGHHH!!!) What a chuffing HEADACHE technology can BE at times, eh?!? 
Needless to say really, but until I KNOW it's ABSOLUTELY safe, I won't be checking the option in 'Developer Settings' on this NOTE20 ULTRA allowing apps TO be 'Force-Moved' to External Storage!!! JUST in CASE of Deja-Vu(?) 

Thanking anyone with a working solution in advance. 

Warmest regards and Best Wishes, Eternally!!! 

GRaZ, Princess Dolphi-NI and Family...... Gallompians from the Planet Gallomp. 

Love n Peas!!! 

GLiP GLoPPLe dE BLiP!!!