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S24 Ultra - The one phone to rule them all

(Topic created on: 12-01-2024 12:40 AM)
Samsung Members Star ★
Hi Lovely People.

Just a few thoughts on. The new upcoming Baby. 

The S24 Ultra

1. Will be the biggest update of them all and probably the last of the current design.

2. This phone will be a great upgrade even if you have the latest S23 Ultra.
3. Samsung is going all AI not only on this phone but also on its whole eco system, something you wouldn't want to miss.

4. The main camera has AI built in and also the snapdragon gen3 so it's a double whammy of AI goodies, faster shutter and better pictures on at least upto 30x zoom

5. The Phone will get even better with subsequent updates (similar to the pixel 8 series) 

6. There are lots of other stuff going on and if you are a phone enthusiastic you wouldn't want to miss out on this upgrade.

7. Also the AI is not just for the phone . This baby will play with all the other stuff on samsungs eco system. 

 YES !! This phone is an Upgrade and not just an UPDATE.

And Yes this post is to hype myself to get it 😍.

Super Excited😄😊🤗 

Big Cheese
I always say @GoanGeek that if you can't get excited about the better things in life then you are not truly alive!.. 😂😂. I am happily contract tied to my S23 Ultra for another year, but even I get excited about new tech to be honest. I like where Samsung are going at the moment, and they are on a roll after the S23 Ultra. Any phone that uses the S23 Ultra as a starting point and then seeks to improve on this device in as many areas as possible is sure to be one fantastic bit of kit. People thinking of buying the S24 Ultra should genuinely be very excited for sure.
Samsung Members Star ★
To buy or not to buy 🤔

It's getting tempting.

Must Resist.