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S22 v S21 Ultra camera

(Topic created on: 11-02-2022 04:00 PM)
Does the S22 Ultra have the same 100x camera zoom option as the S21 Ultra? 

Are there any notable differences between the two phones that'd make the S22 Ultra worth upgrading to?

I'm happy with my S21U, and it was mainly the camera functions i bought it for, so not sure about upgrading. 
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Hi @illEez  yes the S22 Ultra has the same  camera zoom options, not much difference in the hardware  but enhanced software  and improved image stabilization  which should ensure better image processing  and improved  night photography.  From early results seems ability to capture more detail plus more accurate colours in HDR videos  and this device also has  anti-reflective coating.   See one review here 

Whether that entices you to upgrade a personal choice though want to check out some videos.  The camera will be better but sure there will further advances in the future. Personally I am sticking with my S21 Ultra for now.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

Thanks, much appreciated
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The S22 Ultra does indeed have the same camera hardware as the S21 Ultra @illEez but with considerable software enhancements for sure, many of which WILL filter down to the S21 Ultra in future software updates, so this is the main reason in my opinion not to upgrade. I own a 512Gb 16Gb RAM S21 Ultra myself and I love the phone, especially the magnificent camera. I would love to see the low light video recording capability of the S22 Ultra be a big step up for Samsung as Apple has for too long been a step ahead in this area. If any improvement could then filter down to the S21 Ultra in this department I would consider it's camera system to be pretty much perfect and complete.
I am a little disappointed that Samsung did not include it's new 200 Megapixel sensor in the S22 series but this will arrive shortly, maybe in the Fold 4 or, more likely, in the S23 along with an under screen front camera. I don't think someone should upgrade from the S21 Ultra to the S22 Ultra purely for the camera. This would not make sense to me.
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Especially knowing you can download the Expert raw camera app for the s21 ultra to enhance the camera features & quality of the pictures.
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My Take

I am glad they didn't put a stupid 200MP on it .
Better to stick to 108MP and improve it like crazy.

The S22 Ultra have better clear camera lenses for clear photos and the new chip and amd graphics will definitely help in the longer term.
Also its got a Pixel binning facility which gives brighter and better photos in the dark.

Also it will take two photos one from the 108MP and one from the 12 MP to give the better clarity.

How much of this trickles down to the S21 ultra is yet to be seen.

Although if the need is Now definitely go get it.