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s21 poor signal strength

(Topic created on: 25-02-2021 08:45 PM)
I've just upgraded to the s21 from the s10. Problem is that I now only get 1 bar showing on the signal strength most of the time (including home). On the s10 it was on 3 bars most of the time using the same network and SIM. If I swap the SIM card back to the s10 I get 3 bars showing again 

I have tried resetting the network, a hard reboot, changing to SIM tray 2 but all to no avail. Anyone else experienced this/any ideas or is this device faulty??

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I have got a S21 5g and was using my simcard for 2 months no issues at all the past 2 days its gone down from full 5g to one bar on H+ and doing it only on smarty and 3 network but put sim in slot 2 works perfect so what has happened to my sim slot 1
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So, it was the phone all the time.  I have had samsungs for years.  I moved to the S21+5G in August 2022 from one of the lowest specs I have owned, the A40, and the reception is awful.  This has really turned me off Samsung, as paying so much for a inferior phone is gutting.  I miss calls and texts virtually everyday now, and am appalled.  It has always been inferiort to my previous phones, but it does seem to be getting even worse.  The signal drops when I am driving all the time now on the same route that has previously had no problems.  I don't want to pay more than £500 for a new phone as I only do the basics on it, apart from appreciate a good camera.  I haven't got a clue what I'm going to do now. 😞  Before seeing the evidence on here that it is the S21 that is the problem, I was just about to buy a new one.  Thank you to all who have contributed before and saved the hearache and expence.

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This phone is absolute GARBAGE I will never own another samsung as long as I live for the price of them they should be exceptional yet my PIXEL2 out performs this phone in every conceivable way with the exception of photos and even that's debatable considering that magically if you point your camera at a white circle on a dark piece of paper it magically looks like the moon. It's just bad business sure they got lots of sales but how many repeat customers did they lose, I hope most. In my opinion it's darn near robbery to sell this phone for what they did and make the promises they did.