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[S21 FE] Eye Comfort Shield Restrictions

(Topic created on: 17-02-2022 09:32 AM)
First Poster

Hi dear Samsung community;

I want to mention my problem, in fact, many users have mentioned this before.

First of all, I have a chronic eye disease because of this I'm sensitive to blue light. I always using my phones, computers etc. with blue light filter and low brightness level.

New galaxy phones have eye comfort shield feature (built-in blue light filter), it's very useful but there is a major problem. If someone enable "unlock with fingerprint" option, that shield becomes can't be usable on lock screen and "always on display" screen.

I contacted Samsung support, they told me that eye comfort shield is disabled on the lock screen so that the optical fingerprint sensor can work properly.

But I tried some third-party apps like Twilight and fingerprint sensor still works fine even when the lock screen is filtered.

I think there should be a option, to users can switch on or off eye comfort shied on Lock Screen and "always on display" screen, when fingerprint authentication enabled.  Samsung developers can add this feature easily and warn users "This option may affects fingerprint sensor performance".
With this way the users like me will be avoided that bad experience, and not be a problem for others.

Samsung android/firmware developer teams, may be can add this option to advanced settings of eye comfort shield but I couldn't reach them, the Customer Support just closing the case every time.

Thanks for reading, please write your opinion or solution advice.