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S21 black screen help

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
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  • My Samsung S21 is usually very impressive until today. While texting my screen went black. Yes it’s still on as it vibes and rings. I’ve tried the soft reset with the power and volume down button several times. Still black.. Please help
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What happens if you long press on the power button to completely shut down the phone and then a few minutes later turn back On @Joy13 

Other options are a hard reset but that has the potential to delete your information from the phone.

samsung-galaxy-s21 Hard Reset. 

You could try hooking upto a computer to try Samsung Smartswitch.

These may / may nkt help. 



Other options are to seek help from a Samsung Service Centre.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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This is happening too often to the S21 people I also had this problem it shut off for 5 days and then 5 days later in magically just started working again which is today I don't think this is a hard way problem I think this is probably a software problem

Rachel Gomez

There are numerous reasons for Samsung S21’s black screen, from insufficient storage to physical injury. Crashed system to poor battery performance to outdated Android version — simple things could result in Samsung S21 Plus displaying a black screen of death.

Method 1: Fix Samsung S21 Black Screen via Force Start
A force restart cannot be a solution for rescuing the black screen on Samsung S21 Ultra caused by hardware issues, but it could deal with the black screen on Samsung 21 caused by software issues.

Here’s how to force restart to fix the Samsung S21 black screen of death issue:

Press the power button for fifteen seconds until you see something on the Samsung screen.
dorce restart S21/S22

Sometimes this may not work. In that case:

Press the power button and volume down button simultaneously until you see the Samsung logo on the screen.
This is also referred to as a soft reset and there will be no data loss.

Method 2: Fix S21/S22 Black Screen via Recovery Mode
Recovery mode is one of the most valuable features on Android devices to fix minor issues like the Samsung S21 Ultra black screen caused by problems with firmware. However, this is not effective on Samsung devices displaying a black screen even during the start, but you can still try it.

Here’s how to enter recovery mode and fix Samsung S21/S22 Black Screen:

Turn off the Samsung device.
Press the Power key+Volume down+Bixby at the same time for about five seconds instead of simply turning the Samsung device On. (Note: On Samsung devices without Bixby, just hold the Power button and Volume Up keys).
Release the Power key once you see the Samsung logo while holding onto the Volume down and Bixby keys until you see the blue screen with options.
samsung S21/S22 recovery mode

And click on Reboot system now from the list of options. (You can navigate using the Volume buttons).
Method 3: Fix S21/S22 Black Screen via Hard Reset
You can also perform Hard Reset remotely, i.e., Factory Reset the Samsung device to fix the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus black screen of death issue. Most of the time, black screens are caused by incompatible apps or insufficient storage space. And a remote Factory reset via Find my device could fix these issues quickly.

Note: All the data on the Samsung device will be erased. Scroll down to find how to backup data before Factory resetting it.
Here’s how to fix Samsung S21 black screen with Hard Reset:

From a web browser, go to Find my device and sign in via the Google account that you use on the Samsung device.
Choose the name of the Samsung device that you want to erase.
Click on the Erase device option.
You will see a warning message, choose the Erase option.
erase data from samsung s21

Method 4: Letting Battery Drain to Fix S21 Black Screen
Another way to fix the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra black screen of death is to wait for the battery to drain completely. Once the device shuts off on its own, charge it again and restart the device. There is a good chance that the Samsung device will get working again.



Rachel Gomez

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Yes exactly the same has happened to me without warning yesterday. None of the methods suggested are working. Pretty odd as phone has always run perfectly. 


Wait about a week and keep fiddling with it and it might come back on as normal again.  That's what mine did after 4 days. And now it never happened again since then

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Hay there i was also facing similar problem in my smartphone but now my problem is successfully solved.

Hear i have provided one article which will help you in solving this problem

Hope this will help you just o and solve your problem and thanks me later 



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this is currently happening to me and im due to go on holiday with a child who has a disability, did you get sorted? back to apple if this is a common issue not impressed at all


I have an S21. I've tried all of the suggested fixes, but nothing is working. The only one I haven't tried it to let the battery drain and have the phone die. Any other tips? I was able to get the screen to work when I charged through my pc, but that stops once the screen is off. This is strangely bad workmanship and QA. Thx.