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S20+ turn off automatic Post Photo adjustments

(Topic created on: 23-02-2023 11:39 AM)
First Poster

Hi together, 

Recently this feature has been getting more and more inconvenient. 


I take a photo with my S20+ I hear the shutter go off I then switch over to the photo gallery (bottom left button of camera in which you see the photo as a thumbnail) and here's where the problem comes it.

The phone then adjusts the captured photo. 

So I as soon as the photo opens, I can see exactly what I photographed and then it automatically adjusts the photo to a second later and I cant change it back. As an extreme sports fanatic I constantly take photos of myself and friends in action. 


When I take a photo of a snowboarder or wakeboarder on an obstacle... The photo looks great, it caught the perfect moment. Then I switch over to the gallery and for whatever reason the phone adjust the moment of photo to a second later. By this time the person is either already out of screen or just not perfectly captured in the centre where it had been as I took it.


The most infuriating things is.. I can see the photo taken in the thumbnail when I have the camera still open and it's exactly what I took. The person is centre of the photo perfectly caught. The change happens when I then click on the thumbnail which brings me into the gallery and into the preview of the photo and it adjusts the shot then by a second which is not what I caught! And that's it. I can't get the original photo back as I caught it.


I've gone through all the settings and can't find a feature that explains that it does this in order to turn it off. But it's not always been like this so this is obviously the result of some other auto adjustment setting. But which one! I want this gone! 

Thank you for any advice on this. 


Video as example attached.