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S20 screen cracked

(Topic created on: 05-07-2021 10:55 PM)
I have had a number of Samsung phones and never cracked a screen. My Galaxy S20 has just slid off the sofa arm onto a carpeted floor and cracked! It even had a screen protector on? The amount the phone costs and the screen cracks that easily! There has got to be a fault with these screens! I have been on forums and on Samsung members and have seen a number of people complaining about this! I have always had a Samsung phone because I thought they were good quality phones. But I am so disappointed about the screen quality on these newer phones. I am so gutted this has happened. 
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I have heard many reports of the screens on S20's cracking without hardly any impact Oreo17 and looked into the problem further and I know (as you know) that there is a problem with the screens on many of these phones. I do not know if there were some bad batches or what but all I know if this had happened to the screen of my phone I would have been gutted as you are now. Damaging my phone is one of my dreads.
I hope you can get your phone repaired Oreo17 and when you do your new screen will be strong and you enjoy many years of use with it. S20's screens are cracking with even the most heavy duty of protective cases on following the smallest of impacts. Reading all the reports of damage has really surprised me. You have my sincerest sympathy believe me. Good luck to you in any battle for recompense or repair that you may have. 👍 👍
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Hi @Oreo17 


I appreciate your unimpressed with what has happened with your phone.

A phone's screen can be damaged from low drops depending on the angle it hits the ground and with curved display edges these can be weak points.

This can happen to any phone not just Samsung mobiles.

This is why I too have a screen protector on my phone which is a Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector and a case.

I prefer a minimalist feel so I choose the Samsung Black Leather Back Case.

This gives some protection to the edges if the phone is accidentally dropped.

Having the displays replaced on these phone's isn't a cheap affair due to accidental damage not being covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Insurance cover is an option to take some worry out of accidentally damaging a phone.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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