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S10 Internal Memory "Other" Full

(Topic created on: 13-04-2021 08:25 PM)

I've been trying to solve this for weeks. Under 'my files' 127GB of 128GB is full. 90GB of this is being used by "other" that I can't access. I've searched online for answers, I've cleared the cache partition, disabled Trash and deleted everything from my phone I can aside from the obvious. Videos, Documents, Installation files, compressed files, trash are all at 0GB. Images 275MB, Audio 5MB, less than 40GB between System & Apps and that's it. All the used storage is in "other". I can't download any programs to help because there's no room. I can't update "My Files" because there's no room. I'm at my wits end. Any suggestions? 

First Poster

The space is being used up by your apps if you have also got a question mark by the apps above in the list. To fix this you need to enable "usage data access" for all apps then the other should reduce to 0 and you will be able to view the breakdown of all app storage usage. If you click on the question  mark by apps it should take you to the right settings area. If not go to settings then select apps. Click on the three dots at the top and select special settings then scroll down to select usage data access. Make sure it is toggled on for all apps. Then you just need to go back to the storage breakdown, click on apps and go through and uninstall/ delete the ones you don't need.