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S10 charging issues

(Topic created on: 22-08-2021 04:18 PM)
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I've had many Samsung tablet and mobiles over the years from the S2 up, but my experience of the S10 and S10 Note Plus and how your company handles issues has left me deeply disappointed (to the point when I am about to enter a contract with Apple!)

During "lockdown" my S10 note+ developed a charging fault.  I contacted Vodafone who told me to contact Samsung.  I had to send my device to a service centre where I was told it had water ingress...on a device which had be sat on a desk by a laptop for the previous 3 months without moving and I was charged £59 for a "fix".  I couldn't dispute this at the time - they had the phone so I was in my option ripped off with lies.

Subsequently my wife's phone, an S10 also developed a charging issue a few months ago.  However having read online about issues a hard reset solved that.

Now my sons S10 has also developed a charging issue.  About to clear the data cache to see if that resolves the issue before doing a hard reset.

Having spoken to Vodafone again, they inform me that there are known charging issues with the S10 series, so why was I charged £59 for a "fix" on a phone which has been in a case all the time and developed "water ingress" when it had been sitting for months on a desk by a laptop?  And why aren't your customers told that they are issues - or have Vodafone misinformed me?

Oh and you may want to speak with your IT department as the captcha on the "email the CEO" web page isn't working correctly...

Pretty sure Vodafone has misinformed you i've had my Samsung Galaxy S10+ from 2019 until now and i haven't had a single problem with charging the phone or the Charging port Knowing Vodafone they probably want to sell you a new phone rather than fixing the problem.
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Hi @Members_1Ck3fd5 


I totally understand and appreciate your unimpressed at the sequence of events with your phone's and in one instance left you out of pocket.

In the UK the company that supplied the item is responsible for supporting it under the warranty as indicated in the Consumer-Rights-Act-2015 , so Vodafone UK should be in the first instance helping you with the phone they've supplied and not really just saying take it to Samsung  !

That said Samsung endeavour to want to help when they can and could just say we didn't supply the phone so go to who did.

Samsung know their hardware and software better than any network repair house and will try to support their devices.

In regards to the issue of water sensors being tripped inside a phone this isn't always because water has come into contact with outside the phone and managed ingress inside.

It can in some cases be due to conditions outside the phone causing droplets to form inside which can trip the water sensors turning the pads red. We've just experienced unusual weather patterns in the UK which has involved extraordinary hot weather.

I'm not saying that's to blame buy it is a conceivable reason.

I've no idea why a Vodafone Customer Services Agent have advised you that their is an inherent issue with those phone models.

That's something you'd need to take up with Vodafone possibly by Vodafone Complaints/Code-of-Practice. 

If there was then I'd have expected to see an increase of the amount threads appearing in their respective community boards raising concerns.

I've owned the Samsung Note 10+ 5G from launch date and not had any related issues to the charging port.

Once a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre has concluded a water ingres issue then the Network will abide by that report, and then the onus is on the owner to authorise the repair work and subsequent cost, or request the phone back unrepaired due to the issue not being covered under the Limited 2 year manufacturing warranty.

Sometimes issues can arise from debris inside the charging port which can be checked via a torch.

Personally I use a silicone cap bung that slides into the port to stop such issues and I also prefer to use a Wireless charger.

The Samsung Link you've added indeed does not connect.

I've used the CEO Contact Us page a few times and can be found here … 

I hope that helps.

I wish you all the best with this. 


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