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Replacement S21u Screen protector - Spigen Glas.tR tempered glass protector - Collaboration with Whitestone

(Topic created on: 10-03-2021 06:48 PM)

With the factory fitted screen protector beginning to show a little bit of age and a few marks, I am on the hunt for a decent quality screen protector.    Many people swear by the 'Whitestone Dome Glass' protectors in previous products... I have seen them endorsed many times with the Note 20 ultra, S20 among others. 

Spigen have partnered up with Whitestone for this collaboration.  It seems very similar to the whitestone dome glass, and with the same method, screen holder, UV light curing process.  

Spigen’s new Glas.tR Platinum tempered glass screen protector rises to the challenge of the Galaxy S...


I am very tempted to order one of these... and although the Amazon reviews are currently not great, usually these poor reviews are dominated by users that have applied without properly following the instructions, or application issues.    Therefore I am not put off by this amazon review list. 


To be honest, Amazon are also pretty good with returns... so if it just doesn't work well enough for this price or the application doesn't work well, then it will be going back as a return to Spigen, and an Amazon refund.   


I would be happy to hear any thoughts from users of Whitestone dome glass on either the S21u, Note20 ultra etc, for your experiences.  How is the finger sensor ?  Does it fit well with your case / cover ?


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I've stopped using screen protectors.
Once upon a time, glass screens weren't that hard, and therefore were prone to scratches and abrasions.
But nowadays, based on the average lifespan of modern smartphone users being only a few years before upgrading, and the glass being so hard, you experience very little to no noticeable scratches unless abused, or some crazy accident.
The main issue with these screens now is that the harder they get, the more brittle they become, and so they shatter very easily. Screen protectors don't help against this as these shattered screens occur after corner drops, which is only protected against by an adequate case.

The feel of the stock glass, and not having to worry about the screen protector peeling off or getting bubbles, and realising that im not actually gonna end up scratching it noticeably was enough for me to stop using them, and I've never looked back.
hi smiley, I had this glass put on my 1st s21 ultra before I returned the phone to EE. I had it on for about 3-4 days and the application was the same as a Whitestone dome. the result seemed similar too. fingerprint scanned normal from what I could tell. but because of all the issue I was having with heat etc I was preoccupied with that most of the time. if there was any major issue with the screen protector than I'm sure I would've noticed it. I didn't have any case yet cosy samsung leather case didn't arrive yet from amazon. I'm using the case now with the standard screen protector that came with the phone. I'm not sure but I think it would fit fine. only issue I think would be that with my leather case, the lip isn't very thick on this case so with glass on it would probably be level with the case. so if you had the phone screen down on a surface, I think the glass would touch the surface. I can't be certain of course as I don't have it on.
Have had Whitestone Dome on my Note10+ for over a year and screen / fingerprint sensitivity is excellent
Well worth watching their installation videos first and follow the instructions
Not sure on the Spigen collaboration if that's recent but the one I bought a year back has been excellent